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Gelt Financial was founded in 1989 and is based on the core values of hard work, transparent services and products, and exceeding the highest of expectations in everything we do. As a company, we have accomplished a lot that we can be proud of. We have helped over 10,000 hardworking people finance their investment properties, making a better life for themselves.


Gelt does not shy away from complicated and difficult financing situations. We work with business owners and commercial real estate investors across the country on all types of cash flowing assets. We work with clients who would not qualify for traditional bank financing due to quick closing, poor credit, not enough documentation, or other challenging situations.

Gelt Financial LLC is a DBA of GFCIB and Advisers, LLC.



2020 started with fresh energy and optimism and then when COVID 19 came about, Gelt Financial stayed open and continued to fund real estate transactions. We have introduced a new Line of credit for our existing borrowers to provide them with the cash they might need as well come out with a small commercial mortgage product starting at $25,000.00 which is meant as a much more reasonably cost alternative to MCA and ACH loans

In 2020, Noah Miller joined Gelt Financial making it a second generation company. Noah spent the last decade in the institutional real estate space and has been involved in over $1 Billion worth of real estate acquisitions and lending. Back in 2016, Noah was part of the leadership team that closed one of the largest ever multi-family deals in the U.S. at over $300MM. He is one of the leading multifamily experts in the country and has spoken at a host of conferences to provide his insights including, Bloomberg, Crittenden, IMN, Bisnow, and ULI.


Watch us grow, originate mortgages nationwide, purchase performing and non-performing debt, act as a specialty servicers for investors. We are building a great team, great systems, and great products all focused on meeting the needs of small business owners and real estate investors.


Gelt Financial is reborn with great energy, and we have been working tirelessly on meeting the needs of our many customers nationwide.


Surviving the economic recession, Gelt has continued to build relationships and secure loans for non-owner occupied residential and also commercial real estate investors. Expanding its services to offer Debtor-In-Possession financing, accounts receivables, bridge loans, and more.

Gelt is reborn and now Gelt Financial, LLC a separate company from the old Gelt, as well as the holding company.


Very sadly and painfully the FDIC seized the bank under the weight of the global financial markets and increased regulatory pressure.


We began the long and painful journey of dealing with the global economic meltdown and recession. These were hard years, but we fought through them.


The company had split itself into two with the bank being a standalone company and also the Holding Company which now owned the commercial real estate side and Gelt Financial Corporation, our lending division, operating separately.


2006 our holding company purchased Public Savings Bank, a tiny $24,000,000.00 bank (We had big plans but lousy timing).


In its lifetime Gelt has closed over 10,000 loans, both large and small. Gelt Financial uses its vast experience, streamlined process, and strategic alliances to provide it’s clients with competitive financing and ensuring a smooth and rapid closing.


About 2003 we started selling loans and participation interests in some of our portfolios to banks as a way we could grow and offer a larger product line to our customers and meet there ever growing needs. The banks loved it as we supplied a steady source of loans for them. Over time, the banks found that our loans were more cost effective for them since there was no cost to originate. They were also more cost effective to service since we serviced the loans and they were better performing.


As an industry leader, Gelt has always sought out new ways of making loans to quality borrowers who are traditionally underserved by the mortgage industry.
In 1999, when Jack Miller realized that the small commercial borrower and investor was neglected by the mortgage industry he switched Gelt’s focus from residential owner-occupied lending to commercial real estate lending. Gelt quickly became a leader in commercial lending and built a portfolio of thousands of small commercial loans. This was a very rewarding time as we offered a financing opportunity to those that banks were not helping. Since then, Gelt has successfully proven that it can provide “make sense” loans to borrowers who would have had a difficult time finding traditional financing. Our new business model had proven to be tremendously successful to both Gelt and its clients.

Also in 1998 Gelt co-founded an equipment leasing company, providing the financing that small business needed to purchase the equipment they needed. We did this with Uri Shoham and after several years Uri became the CFO of Gelt.

Circa 2000 we started to form partnerships to purchase commercial real estate.


In 1993 Ari Miller started working for the company performing clerical work and assisting other’s learning the business from the ground up, and with his hard work and devotion quickly rose through the ranks as top performing loan officer, opening and managing an office in New Jersey in 1996 and then became head of production in 1997.


Circa 1991 we entered the automobile lending world. We did this for about 1 year and then decided to put the focus on our rapidly growing national mortgage business. We opened offices in Pittsburg, PA, Marlton, NJ, Ohio and Las Vegas, NV. We operated in 24 different states using a call center. We also operated both a retail and a wholesale operation.


Founded in 1989 by its President Jack Miller, Gelt Financial was originally started in an extra bedroom of Jack’s house on a folding table as a residential mortgage broker with the simple belief in educating and working hard for its customers to deliver the most value possible. Gelt quickly expanded to one of the largest independently owned mortgage and finance companies in the Philadelphia area. They became mortgage bankers and expanded the products offered to its clients. Ari Miller joined the company in 1993.

In 1989 Gelt purchased a non-preforming credit card debt portfolio. This was our first purchase of non-performing assets. Since that time we have been buyers of non-preforming debt and assets from banks as well as non-banks. We have been buying one deal at a time, as well as portfolios. In February of 2006, Barron’s wrote an article about investing in the distressed debt sector and talked about us.


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