Jack Miller talks about a thank you email he got from a loan that just paid off. He also talks about how Gelt helps borrowers, who are real estate investors and owners of small business make and save money every day.

“Hi, this is Jack Miller at Gelt Financial. I am so lucky, and really Gelt Financials’ lucky, because every day of the week, we enable people and help people to make money and save money. I love hearing from our customers that when that happens. We just had a payoff; I think it was Thursday or Friday of last week, and the borrower sent me an email. I’m gonna read exactly what he said because I send every borrower a thank you email when they pay us off, and they all send similar emails back. But this one specifically said, “We’ll definitely keep Gelt in mind. You guys helped us get out of my situation where no one would lend to me. I won’t soon forget that. I am pretty sure we will do business again.”
This deal happened to be a deal in Chicago that we lent him money; he was buying a property. Unfortunately, it went into foreclosure. He paid us off about a year and a half later, but this happens all the time when you borrow from Gelt. You’re coming to us; we’re non-bank lenders. You’re coming to us either because you need speed or execution, or your bank won’t do it. In fact, our tagline is, “When your bank says no, we say yes,” and we mean it. We got a payoff, another payoff, about a week and a half ago, two weeks ago, from a borrower who had a property in New York that she needed money for to do some fire alarms and safety features and roofing. Her bank wouldn’t lend her the money; we lent her the money. She paid us off; she actually ran short in this case, and we had to lend her more money. But we felt good. We love the deal; she paid us off in about a year and a half later, and she was thrilled.
Our borrowers are thrilled when they come to us, and they know coming to us, it’s gonna cost them more money than it’s gonna cost the bank. But we provide a service; they’re either making money when they borrow from us, or they’re saving money when they borrow from us. And they’re the key things to think of. Again, when your bank says no, we say yes. Check us out at geltfinancial.com, like us on YouTube, like our videos, subscribe to our channel. We love helping people because, you know what, the truth is our customers are very hard-working business people, real estate entrepreneurs, and they understand that coming to us, we’ll lend the money, we’ll help them, they’ll make money with our money, and that’s all they’re looking for, a fair shake. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been locked out of the banking system. Take care, God bless you, be safe, be healthy. Remember, “When your bank says no, we say yes” check us out at geltfinancial.com.”

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