Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages/Loans, Gelt Financial closes them. This is a bit of a blooper video in full disclosure.

How to really get 100% financing on CRE purchases ?

What is Rescue Capital?

What’s a Draw Schedule and why do lenders care and why you should as well?

How and why can Gelt close mortgages without Appraisals?

Jack and Marcy share some real life tips for commercial Mortgage Brokers.

Gelt is excited to provide first mortgage financing for an owner of a day care center in Chicago. He is an experienced operator and this is a new business for him

Gelt is excited to provide first mortgage financing for an owner of a business who purchased a home for his employee’s to live in. The buyer owned several restaurant business with one of them in Maryland.

Gelt was pleased to provide the financing to purchase of a Gas Station- C-Store for the manager who purchased the property and business

Gelt just provided the financing and funding on 3 single family investment properties in Florida all purchased at an auction.

Gelt is excited to partner with a local real estate investor. We provided 100% debt and equity in a deal where we purchased an office building and leased it out to a local non profit.

Gelt closes on a first mortgage cash out refinancing for $300,000.00 on a strip of stores in Detroit.

Gelt Provided $665,000. 100% financing of the sales price on an office Building in Illinois No appraisal, quick close deal.