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Mortgage Broker update dealing with increasing interest rates from Gelt Financia

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How create value in Commercial Real Estate ? What is Value Add CRE?

How create value in Commercial Real Estate ? What is Value Add CRE?

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How create value in Commercial Real Estate ? What is Value Add CRE?

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Another quick commercial mortgage closing, San Antonio, Texas

What a Mezzanine loan?

Mezzanine loan Closed 3 NNN properties in 3 states, 3 different tenants

Just Closed: $1.8MM Joint Venture Equity deal in Willow Grove, PA. We are actively providing JV Equity, Preferred Equity, Mezzanine Financing, Second Mortgages and First Mortgages. We closed this deal in less than two weeks and was about to get creative with the structure. Contact us for any capital needs you have.

Just Closed: $300,000 First Mortgage in Miami, FL closed in just 5 business days. Our borrower needed a quick close and we were able to do it without an appraisal in order to meet his tight timeframe. This was brought to us by a broker and was a collateral driven loan. When your bank says No, we say Yes.

Should I leave my job and become a full time real estate investor?

Dont give up. What anyone can learn by watching Toast.

Should I pay down my Mortgage?

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What is a Break up fee?

Closed Super rush Boyton Beach retail Center closed in days.

CLOSED! $1.6MM Mezzanine Loan in Houston, TX 🔥

CLOSED second mortgage in Tampa. Less than ten days! 🔥

BOOM! Another successful outcome on JV deal

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Brooklyn NY is in the house, with a closed mortgage on a property in foreclosure

Idaho Closing Single Family Investment No Documentation/Asset Based

Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages/Loans, Gelt Financial closes them. This is a bit of a blooper video in full disclosure.

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Gelt is excited to provide first mortgage financing for an owner of a day care center in Chicago. He is an experienced operator and this is a new business for him

Gelt is excited to provide first mortgage financing for an owner of a business who purchased a home for his employee’s to live in. The buyer owned several restaurant business with one of them in Maryland.

Gelt was pleased to provide the financing to purchase of a Gas Station- C-Store for the manager who purchased the property and business

Gelt just provided the financing and funding on 3 single family investment properties in Florida all purchased at an auction.

Gelt is excited to partner with a local real estate investor. We provided 100% debt and equity in a deal where we purchased an office building and leased it out to a local non profit.

Gelt closes on a first mortgage cash out refinancing for $300,000.00 on a strip of stores in Detroit.

Gelt Provided $665,000. 100% financing of the sales price on an office Building in Illinois No appraisal, quick close deal.

Market and product Update for borrowers and mortgage brokers

Gelt Charitable Foundation addresses Suicide Prevention and Mental Health.

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No Credit or Bad credit maybe ok a Gelt Financial

Business Owner Occupied, First Mortgage, Florida. No appraisal, No credit and No Income verification

First Mortgage Medical Office Building Purchase Virginia

Gas Station C Store First Mortgage Financing Ohio

1,400,000.00 40 unit Mobile Home Park Closed Long Island, NY

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No minimum credit scores and no credit needed on commercial and Investment Mortgages