Gelt Financial Review By Sam



“Marcy, It was a pleasure working with you and your team as well! We hope to work with you again in the near future. Best, Kim” KE Mortgage broker


” Hi Jack, Yes we finally obtained new financing and closed last week Friday.  It was good working with you guys over the past year and half.  Will keep you in mind for future financing needs. Thanks,  Jason” JD Former Borrower


” Jack, Thank you for remembering me on my birthday!   You were The best to work with and I wish you continued success….” CS former team member


“Thanks Jack. Had a call yesterday with our mutual friend S. He’s doing well and we both agreed how much we enjoy work with you and your team. Take care. ” MM Investor


“Marcy, UPSOLUTLY WE WILL DO!! It is always nice working with you as well” DF Mortgage Broker


“Hi Michael, I want to thank you for the excellent service. ” LP Mortgage Broker


” I know I don’t say it enough thank you so much for all the work that everybody does before it comes to my desk” MN Investor


” Noah and Jack – Thank you for the birthday wishes, and Jack… ok you are going to make me cry… thank you for your very kind words (although my husband may not totally agree with your description of me as quiet…lol)…it is so wonderful to be a part of this company and feel respected and appreciated for the work I do. I truly enjoy coming to work each day and doing my part to make this company a success, and I consider myself very lucky to have such a great group of coworkers.” CS Staff


“Jack: Congratulations on closing this deal albeit with all the lawyers involved it was very difficult, but you stayed the course. I am especially happy that you and Noah were partners with us on this deal.  You and I both do these deals because we love doing them and enjoy the action. It is truly a pleasure doing deals with you and Noah and I hope that we can do some more of these deals together in the future.  Stay well S” SG Partner


“Hello Jonelle, ‘Very Nice! You guys are a class act!  Thank you?” JR Mortgage Broker


“Thank you so much.  Gelt is always a pleasure to work with and great communication” DM Mortgage Broker


“Hi Jack, I want you to know that I thank you everyday since the first day I started in Cypress Creek. I thank you every time I walk in the door or open my computer at home. You are a very special person who has brought me great joy in being able to work in what I love to do. Not many people are fortunate to love what they do in life but I have that fortune thanks to you and I don’t take it for granted. Thank you ” HC Team member


“I sincerely appreciate your kindness and friendship.” SB Investor


“Wonderful.  Glad we were everything done smoothly.  Great working with your team!” SG Seller of Debt to Gelt


” Thanks so much for reaching out, by far the easiest deal I’ve ever closed ! Appreciate all of you and your hard work for making it happen, and definitely look forward to doing something in the near future. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of your families.  WJ Broker


” I appreciate your dedication to customers.” NO Investor


” Thank you very much for your warm response. I really appreciated your and Gelt Financial’s support as always.”  MO Investor


” Hi Jack,  It was great to see you, Noah and your team today. I have nothing but praise for all you do for me :) ” HP Investor


” Hi Nancy, Very well, and an incredible amount of thanks to you and your team! :)” KT Tenant


“I was just getting ready to send you a thank you e-mail.  You and your team are always great to work with and hope we can get another one done before the end of the year. DM Mortgage Broker


“Jack, you gave a great team”  KD Investor


“Thanks Nancy .  As always , you are greatly appreciated. I can imagine how much work you always have waiting for you every day, yet you are always so quick to respond.  Amazing!” CG Borrower


“Thinking of the current environment, the current performance has been beyond my expectations thanks to your wonderful team’s effort. I really appreciate it.” K Investor


” I thank you all for this noble gesture Ms. Banks and Mr. Miller sir. I value our relationship and how well I perform matters to me. I thank you for your ongoing support and for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I look forward to more business between us. I’m not choosy when it comes to accepting a gift, I would be grateful for your usual option as I am humbled by your offer. Thank you for thinking of me, You are also appreciated. Please also say hi to Ms.Berger for me.  Respectfully, Mr. B” Mortgage broker

From my wife and me, Thank you very very much. To the entire Gelt team, we appreciate this” B Mortgage broker


“It has been a pleasure working with you and your company .You have all been so professional, knowledgeable, and proficient. Thank you for all of your assistance. I hope to work with you again next year” CS Borrower after loan was paid off


“Jack— You are a Mench!  Thank you for the business Over the last years. We have really enjoyed you, Yoni and your team. We will miss you guys.? BY Landlord


” Hello Jack, Thank you for your “Mid Year Update”.  I can understand what you are saying from my variety style of investments and high returns of my investments.  M always says Gelt can carry out a complicated strategy because of its rich knowledge and experiences.  I totally agree with it. I understand that the environment of the real property market is changing and different from the past several years.  It is great that Gelt is moving to a new office and welcoming new staffs amid such an environment.  Congratulations on your success and I thank you for your continuous assistance on my investments” K Investor


“Dear Hollie and Jack and Everyone in Gelt Financial,  I have received my payoff of $307,000.00. Thank you very much. I really appreciate the opportunity of investment that you provided. I am thankful to your endless support.  I have enjoyed my investment due to your high knowledge and business model. I wish your business will continue successfully and you all take care of yourselves” YN Investor


“Thank you Mr. Miller sir. I thank you and Gelt for giving us  the opportunity to do some business together. It has always been a pleasure to work with you and Ms. Berger. I also thank you as you have shown an enormous amount of patience with the clients name and was able to come up with a strategy that got us to the finish line sir. I look forward to more business in the future sir. I appreciate the advice for using SBA for the refinance for the new clients sir. I will check with SBA👍. I am wishing you and Ms. Berger a wonderful weekend Mr. Miller sir.” MB Mortgage Broker


“Thanks, Michael. I am considering investing in commercial real estate in the fall. If I do, you will be the first person I’ll call. It has been a pleasure working with your company. You have been so professional and courteous.” CG Borrower


” Jack – Many thanks for your confidence in us.  Dealing with your team has been great, and I do hope we have more projects to work on together in the future. First…I look forward to proving you made the right decision to support us.” PK Borrower


” Thank you! And thank you for making the loan process as easy as it was” AW Bankruptcy Attorney


“WOW! that was a great video every broker should see that to avoid the headaches on title.   You guys are a blessing you didn’t have to stop and do that, thanks for the videos! I now know you ain’t just in it for the money you guys really try to help people. I look forward to working with you. “ JS Broker


I am very Proud to be a part of the Gelt Family. I love what I do , what we do, & who I am working with.” HC Team member


“Marcy and Team Gelt,  Thank you for being quite honestly the absolute best hard money lender out there! AWB was a particularly gnarly situation and you managed to close it and resolve all of his outstanding issues” LM broker


“Looks great.  Yet another win.  Thank you all!” M


“Thank you for all your help and advice. You and your company worked with me through out the process and l felt treated like a real human being and not a number by your flexibility to deal with my situations from the get go. Dr T Borrower


“Likewise, it was a pleasure closing that deal with you” RH Broker


“Hollie, you are a rock star:) Thx!” EG Investor


“Jack, Now that I have done my first deal with you…. I wanted to say Mazel Tov. Your team made it quick and easy…. Well done. A pleasure doing business with you…Ready for the next one… Let me know when you have something” Investors BK


“Noah, thanks so much for crushing the Chamblee closing.  Ryan is very appreciative” RH Mortgage Broker


“You’re the man” AW bankruptcy Attorney


” Always loved working with you! you truly walk the walk” Adrienne Mortgage Broker


“This is the first time a direct lender have someone to respond to me right away when visit the website. I really appreciate your approach.” Borrower


“Thanks for closing this so quickly. Its was a great experience working with Gelt” KI Mortgage Broker


“I vouch for Gelt! Every time I have called they have been on point, no deals closed yet unfortunately! But I would not hesitate to use them to the finish line H. Jack Miller is a true mench!” NH Broker


“Gelt Financial- Getting deals done!!! Always love doing business with the Millers H. Jack Miller, Noah Miller”  TS Partner


“Jack, You’ve been really good to me through this whole awful ordeal and I appreciate it.  I’ll be back soon, smiling and better than ever”  CS


“Good work, may God bless you and use this effort to save many lives!”  AC on work of the Gelt Charitable Foundation


Rik said you (Jack Miller) were very smart.  He never says this ….. ES Vendor


“Thank you for reaching out to inform me of your  current investment programs in commercial real estate. I will also inform other investers in commercial real estate of the availability of your programs . I found your company to be very professional and efficient. Thanks again for your time and assistance. ” CG Borrower


“I am so impressed by this. Seriously.  I am so glad I took the time to read this email. I’m just a little broker trying to make a living, but I am also in recovery and have a large circle of friends in the business of recovery – both as patients and as professionals in the industry. As we learn more and more about mental health and how to treat it, involvement and support at this level is really impressive and I personally appreciate it. This is awesome! If you could get something to me that I could share on social media for you, I would be very happy to promote this cause and you as a company. This is how we get better. This is how we begin to talk about it and how people who do not struggle with it begin to better understand people who do. Thank you! ❤️” KF Broker


“Thanks to everyone in the Gelt team. I am glad everything worked out and we look forward to continue to work together in the future.” VM Borrower


“I saw one of the your YouTube videos this evening. You had me at You need to master what your doing! or something like that” DE Fan


“I certainly appreciate all of your time and efforts concerning this file and I will absolutely keep you at the top of the list going forward for any new deals as your Firm is exceptional to work with. Thank you. ” MC Mortgage Broker


“I ready appreciate the great service and smooth process.  Will definitely give a great review and look forward to working with your firm again soon” DM Mortgage Broker


“Thank you, Team Gelt, for that quick & updated response, very appreciative” MS Borrower


“I remember being introduced to Jack and Gelt Financial back in 2002. 19 years later, he continues to show consistancy in getting deals done. That said, if you’re looking for a solid lender, than look no further.” PT


“You guys was great I appreciate the family atmosphere and the patience you had with me and the deal with getting the paper work love you guys thank you for helping my family”  Borrower


“2 years has gone by so fast!  It’s been so nice working for you – pleasant people in a pleasant working environment.  Hard work but I always feel appreciated.” CS Team member


“Thank you, Jack. I really appreciate all the help from your team!”


“Dear Jack, Thank you for your outstanding performance thought out the year. I always feel lucky to know you and thanks to M” K Investor


“He (Jack) is very honest, clear, and serious while being professional, helpful and informative” RR Borrower


“Thank you Jack,  I am super excited as well. This is going to be an amazing project! Thanks so much to all the Team that has been incredibly helpful.” IS Borrower


“Jack, In my relatively short career, I have met many people who say many things, however I have never met someone quite like you. Someone who has big dreams and makes them happen, someone who speaks softly and executes grandly, someone who makes other’s dreams come true. We are so grateful to have had an opportunity to meet you, and more importantly be able to grow with you. You took a chance on us, a big one, and it is life changing. You have made our dreams come true and we have only just begun. There is nothing we can do to repay our gratitude.”  AB Borrower/JV partner


“My experience with Gelt is great. Super fast response time, and a clear criteria for deals. I highly recommend them as a lender.” JL Mortgage Broker


“Thanks Marcy and Jack, it was a pleasure working with you, looking forward to more!” SH Mortgage Broker


“I look forward with doing continuous Business with you and the Awesome Staff at GELT!”  RL Mortgage Broker


“Good morning, Yes I am very happy with your service and forever grateful. Yes I definitely will give a A+ positive review.” Borrower


“Jack, yes that would be great. By the way I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration your work ethic is” MN Investor


“Thank you so much Marcy me and my wife Barbara feel like apart of you guys family because we taking this personal we don’t look at this just from the business side GELT FINANCIAL is helping us financially so we can get back to working we love everyone that’s affiliated with GELT you guys are the best- I hope this can be a long term relationship I promise I will do everything that I suppose to do- to build that relationship we love you guys wonderful people with heart is hard to find these days good luck to you all over there@ GELT -THANKS AGAIN I can keep going but I will do that on the reviews-just great people it gets no better then that have a bless day today and I no you will because you bless so many.” HM Borrower


“Just wanted to comment that your Team is very efficient, prompt and professional. Both D and C have been very responsive and efficient. They both quickly Answered all my questions and comments. I must say I’m impressed and it’s obvious you run a very tight ship. Feel free to share with both of them.” NP Investor


“Thank you for the awesome service you and your staff provided to get this loan to the closing table.” RL Mortgage Broker

I look forward to doing continuous business with you in the future!


“Wonderfully smooth transaction despite the title company’s and insurance agent’s best efforts.  You were a refreshing partner in this transaction.  I definitely will leave a favorable review. I always send flowers to the client and processor after closing a transaction.  If I send flowers to Marcy at the address below, will she get them?  (Sorry Jack, no flowers for you….)” FSA Mortgage Broker


“Good morning  Jack, Thank you for the opportunity that you gave me on my deal, we closed on the property on yesterday, I’m looking forward to working with you again on my next project”  JC Borrower


“I have been more inspired to work with Gelt Financial by listening to Jack, then I have from a paid course to work with the lender giving it” DW Mortgage Broker


“Mr Jack, I am truly grateful for all you have done  for me. THANKS A LOT AND GOD BLESS YOU. THANKS”  HK Borrower at payoff, loan was on 3 gas stations


“Thank you for your update on your activity.  I am always amazed with your performance since you can deal with the covid-19 crisis so easily and successfully. I greatly appreciate your efforts throughout this year.”  KH Investor


“Thank you Ms. Berger. You are a great asset to Gelt Financial and to my business as well. I thank you for all of your support as I look forward to working with you in the future, Respectfully, Mr. Bert”


“Throughout this, I have discovered that Gelt is a responsive and organized firm, with a robust process and nice people.” MC Mortgage Broker


“Jack – thank you for the video collection on your site. I make it a point to watch one per day (sometimes more). I appreciate your knowledge and efforts!” SM Mortgage Broker


” I have been doing business with Jack for well over 20 years. I highly recommend him to be honest and very professional” TS Investor and realtor


“What an impeccable job you’ve done. You really made my day. Thank you so much.” KA Investor


Quote from a recent payoff: “Will defiantly keep Gelt in mind. You guys helped me get out of my situation when no one else would lend to me- I wont soon forget that. I am pretty sure we will do business again”  FC Borrower


“I just had access to my account in your servicing system. The system is very easy to see and give me enough information clearly. I think its very effective for me. Thank you for your kind assistance.” YN Investor


“Working with Gelt Financial, LLC was effortless.  Everyone was friendly and courteous and getting the deal done was our main goal!  Our organization look forward to working with them on the next deal” KL Borrower


“Awesome company to do business with” ES Real Estate investor


“Gelt Financial is the best” ES Real Estate Investor


“Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago when I had an outstanding deal but was way shorty on cash and new to the game. He took a chance on me and my 2nd deal and I’ve done approx 60 deals since. A Great guy and lender!!!” AD Real Estate investor


“One another note, I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this deal and I am looking forward to working with you one the next one” Mortgage Broker WB


“I had a great experience working with Marcy and Jack to procure a refinancing deal over $1 Million for a hotel property. They were always available 24/7 to answer questions. They helped me secure the deal when other banks were giving me the run a around.  I would highly recommend doing with with them” T. Agarin MD MBA

“The best of the best with super responsive time!” RK Vendor

“I had the privilege of working with Jack and developing a superior brand image and strategy. Gelt Financial under the leadership of Jack Miller truly demonstrate the core values that make a company great, enduring and fun to work at. Better a financial organization that can be trusted by borrowers” JV Vendor


“Great company, fast service, very efficient, excellent service. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a private loan. Awesome experience with this company” Fort lauderdale, Borrower

“Wire is in our account. Thanks for all your hard work!” Mortgage Broker AL


“Great Company, fast service, very efficient, excellent service. I will recommend it to anybody who is looking for a private loan. Awesome expirence with this company” Borrower GA

“You guys are awesome!” Mortgage Broker AL

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for everything. What you did for me and my family where it pertains to this house was a blessing. It has been in our family for over 50 years” AF- Borrower

“Marcy and Jack!! You guys rock Saw you on Facebook!! There they are I said, my two favorite people in this business! There Marcy and Jack! Love that video guys, you both look great!!!” Mortgage Broker PP

“Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago when I had an outstanding deal but was way short on cash and new to the game. He took a chance on me on my 2nd deal and I’ve done approx 60 deals since. A great guy and lender!!” Borrower AD


“You guys are the best, so happy to find a lender that is not full of it” Mortgage Broker HJ

“Very impressive! Jack Miller is the perfect storm, this is a great result and exemplifies, amongst other reasons why I enjoy investing with you guys. Much appreciated” Investor SR

“Awesome you guys rock!!!” Mortgage broker CB

“So great full for your remarkably fast responses Jack” Investor AN

“I absolutely loved this video! I’m thankful I worked for you for so long” former team member AH


“The hardest working guy in the business” Referring to Jack Miller by GS- Lender

“Perfect Marcy you are always saving my day” Mortgage Broker CB

“Marcy thank you for all your hard work!!!” Mortgage Broker CB

“Wire hit, you guys are great thanks again” Mortgage broker EH


“This was a great company to work with. Jack and Marcy couldn’t have been more helpful and processional during the process. We had hurdles to overcome and they were encouraging and patient as I worked out the twist and turns with the buyer. I would do business with them all day long. San Francisco, CA, Mortgage Broker

“Your bosses are obviously RE geniuses!” Investor SR

“Marcy…miss you too. I am forwarding to everyone here so they know what you can do!!! You were great to work with. I let a new loan officer here who is from Ventnor Margate AC area that you love to do business in AC !!!!! Thanks for everything” Mortgage Broker AB

“You have been an all-star thanks!” Mortgage Broker CB

“I just gave your information to one of my co-workers. I would love to work with you again and often” Mortgage Broker AB


“Fast Closing, they worked had to make the deal go! Decent rates and terms” Fort Myers, FL. Borrower


“All too often it is easy to make phone calls to press for requests when everyone’s “hair is on fire” and then the loan closes and it’s off to the next file without Thanking the team who made it all possible. I want to sincerely Thank You all for the great work in making the transaction so smooth and professional.  I look forward to a long-term business relationship founded on bedrock, beginning with this transaction.” M Mortgage Broker


“Jack,  Congratulations to the Gelt Team! Felix is a keeper!!! Most definitely, you will see more deals from my company.  Especially since you are a national lender.” BBJ -Mortgage Broker

Jack, “This is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you taking time out of your day to send me this. Thank you so much, you have made my day!!
Have a good weekend and thanks again for your kindness!!!’ Vendor AZ

“Happy New Year to you and your family….hope 2015 is the best year for you personally and professionally. Thank you for the Christmas message you left on my voice mail….I was very touched by your kind words. Needless to say, you are the best person I ever worked for and with…..” Former team member CZ


“Jack is a genuine and attentive business person to deal with directly and for those he serves” Team member DH


“There are very few people I have met in my professional career that have the vision, energy and motivation that Jack possesses. He is a unique talent whose enthusiasm permeates every aspect of the organization. Working with Jack was a fantastic experience” Former team member BW


” what a gentleman to work with” Investor AM


” I had the privilege of working for Jack in the late ’90s, and the opportunity to work with a forward thinking mortgage lender. Jack brings a passion and spirit that’s unparalleled in the field, and core values that truly exemplify family, service, and dedication into every area of his businesses. My congratulations to Jack for continued success, and innovative financial servicing”  Former team member JV


“Jack is a focused, energetic owner/manager that never loses sight of the fact that he has people working for/with him. It was a pleasure working for him”  Team member RS


“Jack is an extremely hard working individual who focuses on the importance of networking, creativity in marketing and spending the extra effort to outperform the competition’  Vendor KF


I have known Jack for many years and our paths have crossed many times. Jack has always been a true professional and demonstrated his expertise in the lending and finance business time and time again. I appreciate his insight and creativity and view him a true mentor”  Banker BW


‘I have worked with Jack for approximately six months. He is very good to work with and is very goal oriented. Jack does what it takes to get a deal done. He is a true pleasure to work with” Vendor DC