Jack Miller’s message on National Small Business Week:

“Hello, this is National Small Business Week. I personally don’t like to use the word “small” with business, because when it’s your business or you’re working for the business, you’re benefiting from the business. It’s not small to you, it’s big. Small business and business are the backbone of the society we live in. And I mean the worldwide society. We had jobs, we had opportunities, we create innovations, and we make the world every day a better place. Think of everything you use today, and if it wasn’t for businesses, you wouldn’t be using it. So, all businesses should be applauded.

I particularly want to thank the folks at Gelt Financial. You know they say it takes a child—it takes a village to raise a child, and that’s true. But it also takes a lot of fantastic people to build a great company, and we have those fantastic people. At Gelt Financial, we are literally changing lives every day for the better. We have a motto that with everyone we touch, we try to elevate and improve their lives. You know our borrowers come to us because they need capital and banks won’t lend it to them. Real estate investors come to us because we supply them with capital to make money. Mortgage brokers come to us when they need to close a deal that others won’t close quickly. They know they can depend on us. Our investors come to us because they’re looking for a safe, steady, solid return on their investment, and we give it to them. So, our vendors, we use our vendors, and they do a fantastic job for us. So really, we try to improve the lives of everyone we touch.

Certainly, our staff goes way ahead and beyond any expectations. And I am so proud of the Gelt team, the Gelt Financial team, the Gelt Charitable Foundation team. You know the foundation works and is on the front lines of people suffering with mental illness, as well as suicide prevention. Very seldom do people say that they’re saving lives, but we at the Gelt Charitable Foundation are saving lives every day. And it’s serious stuff. It’s very serious stuff. So, you know the work we do at Gelt matters. It really matters to all of our stakeholders. We try to make winners out of everyone. Every stakeholder we deal with, we want to walk away successful and happy, and we can do that because of the fantastic team we’ve built. So, I applaud our team. I’m grateful for the team, and I’m grateful to all those we deal with. I thank you and keep small business alive. Keep innovating, take risks, be a risk taker, be a changer, be a game changer, and you will reap the benefits. Have a fantastic day.”

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