How We Help Mortgage Brokers

Closing loans through Gelt Financial is as easy as 1-2-3…

  • Send us the application, credit and loan summary.

  • We approve the loan request and list you as the broker on our approval.

  • We do the processing and close the loan, you get paid.

  • Step 4, repeat the above again and again and again!

Request Information on a Mortgage Loan For a Client

We are sorry but we do not lend on land or provide construction lending. Also, we have a minimum loan amount of $100,000.

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    Gelt Trust Seals

    When dealing with Gelt you deal with the decision-makers.

    Gelt offers several different non-bank commercial mortgage programs so we can meet the needs of most borrowers.

    • No-Income qualification programs

    • Credit problems are ok

    • Commonsense underwriting

    • Short and Long-term programs

    • Flexible terms to meet the borrower’s needs

    • We love and have been working with mortgage brokers so for 30 years.

    • We do all of the processing, you sit back and we do the heavy lifting. We have a great portfolio product and are looking for deals.

    • Contact us today to see how we can work together!

    Gelt Financial has an entirely separate division that caters to the mortgage brokers. If you’re new to the world of private money lending, let’s talk. Our process at Gelt is much less time-consuming and less paperwork intensive than what a traditional bank w