How We Help Mortgage Brokers

Closing loans with Gelt Financial is as easy as 1-2-3-4…

1Send us the application, credit and loan summary.

2We approve the loan request and list you as the broker on our approval.

3 We do the processing and close the loan, you get paid. You tell us how many points you are charging, we put this right on our Term sheet and the title company will pay you directly at closing.

4Step 4, repeat the above again and again and again!

Some tips for Mortgage Brokers from Jack Miller at Gelt Financial, LLC on how to be a more successful mortgage broker.

Request Information on a Mortgage Loan For a Client

We are sorry but we do not lend on land or provide construction lending. Also, we have a minimum loan amount of $100,000.

    Gelt Financial LLC is a nationwide private non-bank commercial and investment real estate lender. We offer bridge loans, discount note payoff’s, DIP, value-added opportunities, bankruptcy exit financing, repositioning, and also stabilization financing. Fast approvals and fast closings! Minimum Property Value: $250,000.

    Jack Miller goes over Bridge Loans and how Gelt Financial has been helping commercial real estate and investment borrowers with them since 1989.

    • Loan Amounts
      $100,000 – $5,000,000

    • Leverage
      Up to 70% LTV

    • Term
      12 – 60 Months

    • Fees

    • Pricing

    • Amortization
      Interest Only

    • Geography
      Nationwide (Except CA, AZ, OR, HI,AK)

    • Non Bank Lending
      Credit Impaired Borrowers, Special Situations, Quick Closings

    • Direct Lender
      In-house processing, closing, and servicing

    • Property Types
      Multifamily, Office, Retail, Mixed Use, Mobile Home Parks, Investment Properties, Single Family, Commercial Properties

    Jack Miller gives a little history of Hard Money lending (hard money loans or mortgages)

    Since 1989, Gelt Financial, LLC has led the way in hard money loans, non-bank commercial, and investor mortgages. We do loans that banks and others don’t. We are portfolio lenders. Deal direct with the decision-makers who can approve and close your loan fast. No committees. We are common sense, private mortgage lenders. Minimum Property Value: $250,000.

    • Loan Sizes
      $100K – $3MM

    • Rates
      From 12%

    • Terms
      Short term and Long term

    • Leverage
      Up to 65% of Appraised Value (Up to 100% financing)

    • Points
      3 Points

    • Purpose
      Purchase, Refinance, & Renovations, Bridge Loans, Investor Rehabs, Foreclosure Bailouts, Discount Note Purchase Financing, Debtor in Possession

    Gelt Financial is one of the nations largest providers of  mezzanine financing and second mortgages for investment and commercial real estate under $3MM. With flexibility on property situations including, stabilized, value-add, and distressed, Gelt is able to provide quick and creative financing on acquisitions and refinances nationwide.

    Jack Miller explains what is a Mezzanine loan

    • Loan Amounts
      $250K – $3MM

    • Leverage
      Up to 80%

    • Term
      6 – 60 Months

    • Fees

    • Pricing
      Low to Mid Teens

    • Geography

    • Property Types
      Multifamily, Office, and Retail (others considered on a case by case basis)

    • Direct Lender
      In-house processing, closing, and servicing

    When dealing with Gelt you deal with the

    Gelt offers several different non-bank commercial mortgage programs so we can meet the needs of most borrowers.

    • No-Income qualification programs

    • Credit problems are ok

    • Commonsense underwriting

    • Short and Long-term programs

    • Flexible terms to meet the borrower’s needs

    • We love and have been working with mortgage brokers for over 30 years.

    • We do all of the processing and the heavy lifting.

    • Contact us today to see how we can work together!

    Mortgage Broker Tips For Success

    Gelt Financial has an entirely separate division that caters to the mortgage brokers. If you’re new to the world of private money lending, let’s talk. Our process at Gelt is much less time-consuming and less paperwork intensive than what a traditional bank would require.

    Our Wholesale Division provides you with below-retail pricing that allows you to provide your clients with some of the most competitive hard money loans in the industry, across the country. If you’ve never worked with Gelt and have a project that doesn’t meet your bank’s rigid loan guidelines, give us a try. You have the very same access to all our loan programs that our retail clients do yet your own rates and terms are at a wholesale level.

    Marcy and Jack at Gelt Financial, LLC non bank commercial portfolio lenders, talk about the best way for a mortgage broker to submit a deal and close the deal.

    Why Choose Gelt Financial for Fast and Reliable Private Loans

    As you know, a typical commercial loan can take months to close. It’s a long, document-intensive process with so many speed bumps along the way. You and your client can wait and wait and wait, only to be told that the loan application was declined two months later.

    You’ve spent all your time and effort only to walk away with no commission. That’s not Gelt Financial. We’ll tell you over the phone the type of private loan we can provide and how long it will take to close. And guess what else? A typical loan at Gelt closes within 30 days.

    And if you’re new to the private money world or if you’ve mainly funded residential real estate, you’ll soon discover the process at Gelt Financial moves along more quickly than a traditional residential real estate loan.

    If you’d like to make more money than you are now with less work, it’s time to become an approved Gelt Financial mortgage broker. Give us a call to find out more and we’ll direct you to our mortgage broker application package.

    Quotes From Our Mortgage Broker Partners

    “Thanks for getting right back to me – you are the most responsive lender I have ever dealt with”.

    KI, Mortgage Broker

    “I certainly appreciate all of your time and efforts concerning this file and I will absolutely keep you at the top of the list going forward for any new deals as your Firm is exceptional to work with. Thank you”.

    MC, Mortgage Broker

    “My experience with Gelt is great. Super fast response time, and a clear criteria for deals. I highly recommend them as a lender.”

    JL, Mortgage Broker

    “Thanks Marcy and Jack, it was a pleasure working with you, looking forward to more!”

    SH, Mortgage Broker

    “I look forward with doing continuous Business with you and the Awesome Staff at GELT!”

    RL, Mortgage Broker

    “Wonderfully smooth transaction despite the title company’s and insurance agent’s best efforts.  You were a refreshing partner in this transaction.  I definitely will leave a favorable review. I always send flowers to the client and processor after closing a transaction.  If I send flowers to Marcy at the address below, will she get them?  (Sorry Jack, no flowers for you….)”.

    FSA, Mortgage Broker

    All loans are subject to final underwriters approval

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