Jack Miller goes over how his company Gelt Financial has been helping commercial real estate and investment borrowers since 1989 with no income verification mortgage loans and no doc loans. When your bank says NO, we say YES!

Gelt offers private financing to real estate investors and commercial property owners with programs that include no income verification mortgages, bridge mortgages, foreclosure buy out mortgages, foreign national programs, DIP lending, hard money loans and more. Bank turn downs and credit problems welcomed. Call us today!

“Hi, this is Jack Miller at Gelt Financial. I’m super excited to tell you that we’re doing more and more loans without appraisals for commercial and investment properties. We have a tremendous amount of experience evaluating commercial and investment real estate, and there are big benefits for a borrower of doing a loan without an appraisal.
The two biggest ones: one, it could save them anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000. Two, it’s speed. Without an appraisal, which usually takes 30 days, we can get the borrower to closing much quicker. Our borrowers want speed, so we’re doing deals without appraisal.
Look us up on the web at geltfinancial.com or call us at 561-221-0900, and don’t forget to like us on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s up, down, sideways, but there’s a button you can like us. Take care and have a great day.”

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