Marcy at Gelt wishing you abundance!

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Marcy: Hello. How’s it going? So anyway, it’s Friday, and we had a very busy week, which is good. And Jack’s actually filming, so he’s on the other side. Turn the camera so everyone can see you. There he is. I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone this word that I learned when I was traveling in another country. Someone said to me, I wish you abundance. Okay? So, I was like, what does that mean? And she’s like, well, I wish you all good things, everything you need, whatever you want. I wish you abundance. So I’m sending that out to all of you today that I wish you abundance. I wish you abundance of good health. I wish you abundance of love and friends and good work with your business. And just to look at everything that when you’re seeing a sunset or when you’re seeing a sunrise, just take it all in and just take it as abundance of love in your life. And I just wanted to say that to you guys because it’s been a crazy, crazy week with the storm and COVID, and just everything in the world is, like, really crazy. But there’s so much goodness out there, and I just wanted to remind everyone one of that. Have a good week.
Jack: I think that’s beautiful, Marcy. You did a great job.
Marcy: Thanks.”

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