Meet one of our stars Marcy Berger who works with mortgage brokers in closing their commercial mortgages at Gelt Financial, LLC. Its hard to describe her job functions. Because she and the Gelt team do everything, Marcy focus on Mortgage brokers and underwriting their mortgages applications, seeing them thought to closing. But she also works with borrowers after closing on any needs that come up.

Jack: Marcy, say hi to everyone.
Marcy: Hi, I’m Marcy from Gelt Financial.
Jack: What do you do at Gelt Financial, Marcy?
Marcy: I process loans. I actually do everything, Jack. I help you, I prepare things for underwriting. I’m an underwriter with you, Jack. We do different commercial loans, investments. I don’t know, we help people.
Jack: So, you work with mortgage brokers, you help them get the loans closed. If there’s a problem after closing, you work with them on loan servicing, the whole from beginning to end.
Marcy: Beginning to end and even after the end. I’m still here throughout the whole loan, your relationship with Gelt.”

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