This is what I did this weekend so far, the world of self employment. hard work, some ups and downs, always trying to improve and a lot of effort. Marketing, Customer service, Great team, always looking for new ways and ideas to improve. Working Saturday evening and early Sunday morning.

“Hey, it’s me, Jack Miller. You want to know what I did this weekend? I’ll tell you. It’s called being the life of self-employed. I spent Saturday night working, catching up, answering emails, thinking about ways to be productive, creative marketing, how to get a better team in place, how to have better customer service. That’s what I did Saturday night. I know it’s not glamorous, but that’s the world of someone who’s self-employed.
I also got up Sunday morning and I worked for another couple of hours, got about six, and it’s now about eleven o’clock. I’m just getting ready to leave, work for another couple of hours to get caught up, thinking of ways to improve customer service, improve profit, all of these good things that come with being self-employed, as well as think of some problems and solve some problems as well. That’s what I do on my weekends. I spend a good amount of time working, but I’ll tell you what I also did. I spend a lot of valuable time with family, with friends, with the community. I try to uplift people through my thoughts, my speech, and my actions. So, it’s all important to me. Work and life have a good balance, but there’s nothing wrong with working on a Saturday night or Sunday morning. That’s what we do at Gelt Financial. That’s the Gelt mentality. Take care and have a great day.”

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