Closed: $360K Non Performing Note Purchase in Tampa, FL

ANOTHER DEAL DONE!  Gelt Financial recently closed on a purchase of a non performing loan, collateralized by a medical office building in Tampa, FL. Looking to sell your nonperforming loans? Gelt is actively buying nonperforming and sub performing loans nationwide,

By |2022-11-18T12:40:34-05:00November 18th, 2022|0 Comments features Gelt Financial in the article “Co-GP Structures Help Real Estate Sponsors Navigate a Choppy Investment Market”

Use of co-GP structures increased during the COVID pandemic as real estate developers saw the benefits of sharing infrastructure, costs and risk. Written by Beth Mattson-Teig Developers and real estate investment sponsors that have traditionally been reluctant to give up

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Closed: $500K deal closed on 192-unit multifamily property in Delaware

Gelt Financial, LLC and QuickLiquidity provided $500,000 in financing to a highly experienced developer & investor on a 192-unit multifamily property in Delaware. The investment was secured by an 11% LP interest and was used to provide immediate cash

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