What do they say about an army? The best way to motivate them is to feed them? Well Team Gelt is not an army but we do always have good and plenty of food at our office.
When your bank says No, We say Yes.

“Hey, this is Jack from Gelt Financial. I’ve been making these videos on the Gelt Culture. Part of a very important part of the Gelt Culture is we need to feed our people. So, here’s what’s on the agenda, but here’s part of the Gelt culture for today: bagels, what’s this? Dunkin Donuts, a couple of different kinds of cream cheese. We always have coffee and water and look at this. Oh boy, a drawer full of snacks. We feed our people; that’s part of the Gelt Culture. Everyone works 24/7 here, but you know what? If we didn’t feed them, I think they’d leave us for someone who fed them better. So feed your people good. Okay, I’m just teasing with you, but that’s part, that really is part of Gelt Culture.”

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