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The concept of lasting relationships is not a hollow afterthought at Gelt as we always put the clients goals and desires foremost at all times. For the past 29 years, we have built long lasting relationships not with only our clients but attorneys, bankers,  mortgage brokers, accountants and other advisers of our Borrowers/clients. We appreciate and value these relationships as our success is truly predicated on them.


With former commercial bankers leading the team, Gelt evaluates each and every loan request individually and will provide an extension of credit solution to you whether in house or with one of our strategic banking partners. If not, we will engage our correspondent lenders to work with us to accomplish your goals.

While many of our clients are still reeling from the effects of The Great Recession,Gelt can be a valuable resource and advisers in resolving your current or past problems with your lenders and simultaneously provide or source the fresh capital needed to bring your financial goals to new reality.