How Bridge Mortgages Are Helping The Commercial Mortgage Industry

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Private money lenders are the secret weapon among commercial real estate investors and the reason behind the thriving commercial mortgage industry.  Bridge loans and bridge mortgages play a critical role in securing properties, presenting multiple advantages for buyers and investors in commercial real estate in financing their investments with more flexibility, allowing for an edge over those seeking funds from a bank.

Bridge Mortgages Offer Availability in Cash

For the commercial mortgage industry, it’s all about cash flow and access to funds to purchase properties and investments—it’s what drives the industry forward.  Bridge mortgages allow buyers large amounts of money to work with, as private money lenders are more generous with qualifications and loan amounts.  Bridge mortgages free up cash flow constrictions that so many borrowers are faced with when diving into the commercial real estate industry by going to banks and other traditional means of financing.

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Bridge Mortgages For Second Chance Properties

For the commercial mortgage industry and commercial real estate market, bridge mortgages offer a second chance to forgotten and neglected properties or properties where banks do not see potential but investors do.  Properties like this may have seen months of construction or renovations, either to the neighboring buildings or to the ones on the plot, which drives away potentially interested parties and deters banks from investing in what they consider to be too much work.  Other instances can include foreclosures and repossessions, but with bridge mortgages, everything becomes possible again, giving new life and breathing potential back into properties.  Not only does this rejuvenate communities, but it also turns the wheel of the commercial mortgage industry round and round again.

Bridge Mortgages Are Gaining Control

With bridge loans secured by private lenders, borrowers better control their investments and the loans themselves.  Payments, terms, and loan amounts become flexible, and loans are approved quickly, which means investments in commercial property are obtained with equal swiftness, and bridge mortgages spur projects that would go untouched by traditional banks.  No longer do banks and other financers with strict approval qualifications have control of the commercial mortgage industry.

Opportunities Abound For Bridge Mortgages

Commercial properties are all about opportunities and timing.  The real estate market is competitive, which can get dicey when dealing with more than a single interested party at a lucrative party.  Investors know they must jump on a good opportunity when they see it, which means securing financing quickly and efficiently.  Bridge mortgages are the method of choice in the commercial industry, allowing for ultra-fast response times to lock down properties by backing borrowers with near-immediate financing.  For investors, everything becomes an opportunity because they know with hard money lenders and trusty bridge mortgages with their slew of advantages, there’s no limit to what they can secure.

Bridge Mortgages Offer Flexibility

Hard money lenders like Gelt Financial, who offer bridge mortgages, have a clear advantage over big-name banks and other traditionally sought means of financing: flexibility. Where banks must follow a strict set of rules and regulations in their terms, rates, and structuring, a private money lender can freely adjust their loan construction based on the borrower’s needs and goals. Bridge mortgages can be structured individually, tailored to meet the borrower’s unique needs and involvement in the commercial industry, their specific budget, and worked to provide the optimal strategy for both parties.

Bridge mortgages are as strategic as real estate. Their numerous advantages allow borrowers to seek out short-term financing solutions to lucrative investments that banks would otherwise reject. Bridge loan financing is dramatically transforming the commercial mortgage industry by allowing borrowers to realize potential in properties by means of vast opportunism.

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