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Just Closed Successful Bridge Loan in Suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio

We have just closed another successful bridge loan for another happy client! We just closed bridge loan on an office building in the Suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. The property was in foreclosure, with a receiver appointed. We represented the ownership and closed the bridge loan. Our client, a highly experienced commercial real estate investor, was working with his local bank. Even though all his payments were current, the bank still put the loan in default for technical reasons. We have represented [...]

Real Estate Investments 101 – Using Leverage to Make a Profit

When it comes to saving money through real estate, leverage is an important aspect. We have worked with a number of real estate investors who fix or flip residential non-owned properties use financing to leverage how they make money. Here is how the process usually works. Let’s say that a typical real estate purchase requirement is a 20% down payment. This would come up to a $100,000 on a $500,000 asset. In a case such as this, the majority of [...]