Jack Miller closed another commercial mortgage, this time for a car wash. Gelt has been helping commercial real estate and investment borrowers since 1989.

Jack: This is Jack.
Marcy: This is Marcy.
Jack: Of Gelt Financial. So, I want to make this video press releases because everyone’s telling me they do better. Marcy, tell everyone about the deal we just closed last week.
Marcy: We just closed a deal that has a car wash, a quick lube, it has rental cars on site…
Jack: Kind of an interesting guy, he’s a formal— I don’t want to give too much info, formal professional at…
Marcy: A top player.
Jack: Whatever he got himself into a little, not his fault at all, little legal problem. Own the property unencumbered; we lent him the money to get out of this legal problem.
Marcy: And everyone is happy at the end of the day, and now he can go on with his life.
Jack: What state was it in?
Marcy: What state was it in? Oh my god, I can’t remember.
Jack: Georgia. Georgia, the home of Jimmy Carter, what else is in Georgia?
Marcy: See, he knows that.
Jack and Marcy: Lots of stuff in Georgia.
Jack: A lot of Georgian people.
Marcy: See the state doesn’t matter, we pretty much lend in every United State.
Jack: I think Ted Turner started at CNN there too.
Marcy: Did he?
Jack: I believe he did it.
Marcy: Jack is a history buff.
Jack: That’s not history, that just whatever. So anyway, it was a car wash, it was a quick lube, and we closed it; no one else would have done it. The broker was thrilled; he was thrilled. Check us out at geltfinancial.com or call us at 561-221-0900; you can talk to Marcy.
Marcy: Extension 103.
Jack: Okay, have a great day and remember, like us on YouTube and like the video and hit the bell or the buzzer so you can get notified of more videos next time, okay.”

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