As private commercial and Investment Mortgage Lenders, we focus on the needs of our borrowers and try to find solutions that make sense for them.

Gelt Financial regularly provides financing and closes deal without recourse or without pulling or asking about the borrowers’ credit. Of course, this is not on every deal, but we are very often do it and it happened a lot. Some examples we can give you.

We have closed loans for condominium associations.  On those there is no one to personally sign or guarantee the loan. We have developed a specialty in providing financing to condominiums associations either in Bankruptcy, distress or for some reason unable to obtain traditional bank financing.

We closed and provided first Mortgage Bridge financing in Ohio a commercial property that was leased out to a very strong national tenant and we looked exclusively to at the property and lease for repayment and did not or look at the owner’s credit report.

Gelt provides commercial and investment mortgages with out a credit check or No FICO score of scores below 500 in some situations.

We recently approved a deal to provide a cash our refinance on a single family dwelling, where the loan to value was low, we felt comfortable enough with the property we did not ask for and did not look at the borrower credit, as well we recently approved a request on a commercial property that was owed by a company with numerous shareholders, we looked just at the property an credit was not a factor.

We are proud to be commonsense lenders and focus on the needs of our borrowers and focus on solutions and not hard and fast guidelines.

When your bank Says No we say Yes.