In Foreclosure Bail Out, commercial Property in Brooklyn NY, it discusses Gelt Financial’s provision of foreclosure bailout loans for commercial properties in Brooklyn, New York. It emphasizes our ability to quickly approve and close deals, paying off lenders and back taxes. Gelt Financial aims to give hardworking owners a second chance:

Foreclosure bailout loan, Brooklyn, New York. We do a ton of in Brooklyn, a lot in Brooklyn, and we do a lot of foreclosure bailouts. We don’t mind doing the foreclosure bailouts. We love to work with people and give them opportunities for commercial loans and investment loans. This particular property was a commercial property. The guy owned and operated a bodega, a little grocery store on the corner, and next door was a car lot that he leased out. Had good rental income. He just got into problems a few years ago, and the problem steamrolled out of control for many years. And this was in foreclosure for a while, but we resolved the issue. We looked at the deal, we approved the deal right away, within, you know, 10-20 minutes. We closed the deal very, very quickly, and we satisfy his needs. We paid off his lender, paid off his back real estate taxes, and we gave the owners, actually, a very hardworking owner, a second chance. So that’s what we do at Gelt Financial. We’re always looking to deploy capital and help people in commercial and investment real estate. Remember, “When your bank says no, we say yes”. Check us out at You can call us, you can email us, like the YouTube video. That’s most important. I’d get in trouble for always forgetting to say that.

Subscribe to the channel, and we love to do business. And, by the way, this was brought to us from a hardworking mortgage broker who did a great job representing his client. There were a lot of dynamics with on in the backstory here, but the mortgage broker really did a fantastic job working itself through. Remember, check us out at Have a fantastic day.

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