In the video, Jack discusses JV equity in real estate investment, where partners provide the down payment and others find and manage the property. Gelt Financial offers JV equity to investors with great deals, allowing them to access quality real estate without needing their own capital. Jack encourages people not to let lack of money discourage them from pursuing real estate investment.

Hello, this is Jack Miller. I hope you’re having a good day. Making this short video, I want to talk to you about what we call JV equity. Now, what is JV equity? So, let’s take the average deal or the average investment property. If you’re not buying an investment property alone, you’re usually partnering up with someone, a friend, a neighbor, a rich uncle, or you know, maybe my father-in-law who makes a lot of money, whatever, if you’re so lucky. But anyway, you’re partnering up with somebody, and usually what happens is they’re putting up the down payment, maybe you’re signing on the deal. So, let’s say you’re buying something just for round numbers for a million dollars, it could be a hundred thousand, I don’t want to intimidate anyone by a round number, but let’s say it’s a million dollars, and let’s say you need a 25% down payment, 250,000. So maybe the deal is, you know, you raise fifty thousand dollars from five friends, and you go out and you sign on the note for 750,000, and you get the deal done. You’re buying a shopping center, an apartment building, whatever you’re buying, you’re buying, and your partners are the ones who put up the money. That’s effectively a JV equity deal. It may be through friends and family, but it’s a JV equity deal.

One of the things we do at Gelt Financial is we offer JV equity to investors who find great deals. Now, this is the rough, they have to be great deals, they can’t be average deals. But we will put up that down payment money for you. We will be a partner with you in the deal. So usually how it works, somebody will find a property, great property, not a good property, great property, priced right. They don’t have any money to get into the deal. We will put up that down payment money, and what’s called on the capital stack, the equity. We’ll put up the equity, we get a piece of the deal, the partner gets a piece of the deal. Usually, the partner does the work, we put up the capital, and everyone’s happy. We love it because we get to participate and be an investor in good quality real estate throughout the country that we could normally not find or not be made available to us. The partner gets it because they get to get into the properties. Maybe they don’t get a hundred percent of it, but they get a good percent of it without putting up the capital. They don’t have the capital to put up.

So, JV equity is a hot topic. We’re always looking to do JV equity deals at Gelt Financial. Check us out on the web at Like the YouTube, like the video. If you have a JV equity deal, feel free to give me a call personally at 561-221-0900 extension 238. And remember, “When your bank says no, we say yes.” Have a fantastic day, and remember, don’t let money get in the way of you. Don’t let your lack of money get in the way of you making it big in real estate. Money should not be a reason to hold you back. The reality is, if you have a great deal, there’s plenty of capital out there. There’s a million guys like me, there’s nothing special about us. We’re looking to deploy capital in real estate, I can guarantee you that. Nothing special, we’re there, we do it, we’re fair, we’re a family operation, we’ve been doing it for many years. But don’t let that get in your way. A lot of people are discouraged on buying real estate because they don’t have the capital, and that shouldn’t be the reason. You can overcome anything, anything at all if you put your mind to it.

Take care, have a great day. Like the YouTube, like the channel, and have a great day.

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