Gelt closed another Mobile Home Park Mortgage Closed in Indiana.
Remember, when your bank says NO, we say YES!

Jack: Okay, Marcy Berger, we’re here.
Marcy: We’re here. Hi, guess what? We closed another loan.
Jack: Hello, everyone. Another loan. I love it.
Marcy: What kind of loan did we close, Jack?
Jack: A mobile home park.
Marcy: A mobile home park. Excellent.
Jack: Where was it, Marcy Berger?
Marcy: It was in Indiana, and it’s 100% stabilized. Why did the borrower come to us?
Jack: He needed money to, I think he was going to expand it or improve the park. I know there was some cash out.
Marcy: He’s gonna do new paving. It was a loan cash out, and we held back financing to do the rehab work on the property.
Jack: So yeah, a rehab. It was in this Indiana. I think 27 or 29 units. He’s owned two or three parks for what, two, three, four years?
Marcy: Yes, he’s investing in his future in mobile parks.
Jack: Yes, I was gonna say I love people like him. Yeah, he’s a hustler. He’s hard-working. I don’t know him personally, but he’s aspiring to be a real estate entrepreneur.
Marcy: Absolutely, you gotta get started.
Jack: And he’s not talking the talk. He’s walking the walk. So he’s a good guy, and we approved it pretty much, I think, within an hour or two of us saying it. No appraisal, quick closing, easy deal. Everyone’s happy. Another loan closed through Gelt Financial. Remember, like the video, like the YouTube. What else? Oh, hit the bell with the button. Leave your comments, leave your insults, anything you want. We’re fine. 561-221-0900 ext. 103 or check us out at And remember, we’re hustlers. We want your business. We’ll fight for it. We’ll earn it. We’ll talk to you whenever. Take care. Have fun.”

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