When this borrower’s bank says No, We said yes. On a commercial mortgage refinance

Gelt Financial, LLC just closed a commercial mortgage with a 30 year amortization. This borrower was unable to obtain traditional bank financing because of a personal IRS tax lien,With the Borrower’s existing loan already matured, we were able to refinance his loan on this 12,000 sq. ft. Processing facility.  The new loan is a 5yr fixed amortized for 30 years.Borrower was able to cash out to help pay off personal IRS tax liens and pay off his existing loan [...]

Blanket Mortgage closed on 3 retail properties in foreclosure

Gelt Financial, LLC recently closed a blanket mortgage on three retail properties in foreclosure, thought a series of bank mergers the latest bank put this paying loan in default after first cutting off their line of credit. Almost putting this family owned multi location business out of business and caused major problems to them and a lot of sleepless nights. We structured a discount on the existing bank debt and refinanced it into a sable mortgage loan as part [...]

Closed Loan Cash out No Income Verification Refinance on Multi Family Property

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to provide financing for an owner of a 6 unit multi-family investment property in Cincinnati, Ohio. This was No income verification cash out refinance with a 30 year amortization.When your bank says NO, we say Yes, Gelt offers non-bank financing to real estate investors and commercial property owners with programs that include no income verification loans, No seasoning, Bank Turn downs and credit problems welcomed.  

Gelt approves a “DIP” Debtor in Possession for company in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Gelt Financial, LLC approved a “DIP” Debtor in Possession first mortgage on a health care facility in New England. Over the years Gelt has developed a specialty in helping owners of business and real estate thought challenging times. According to Jack Miller, “we don’t shy away from challenging situations. We have the flexibility to work with the owners, stakeholders, attorneys and come up with a structure that works for all parties.  We have a long history of helping those [...]

H. Jack Miller to speak at New Jersey Office Summit on Critical Capital Markets

Jack Miller is pleased to speak and take part in a panel discussion “Critical Capital Markets Updates and Office Market Strategies"  at the 3rd Annual New Jersey Office Summit Iselin, New Jersey on April 26, 2017.Some of the topics that will be talked about is utilizing Preferred, Bridge financing as an option, Crowd funding,  CMBS 2.0 and Life Loans .Thinking of different funding options as tools in a tool box, you need to know when and how to use it, [...]

Closed Loan: Washington, DC refinance of a Multifamily property

Closed Loan: After being frustrated by other lenders we were pleased to help another real estate investor in Washington DC on the refinancing of his 4 unit multifamily property. We provided him with a cash out refinance, which he wanted to purchase another property. When his Bank said No, we said yes with a fully amortizing mortgage. Gelt Financial has been providing financing to real estate investors and owners of commercial real estate since 1989. When your bank says No [...]

Cash out refinance , No income Verificaion investment property in Pennsylvania

We are pleased to provide financing for a real estate investor on a cash out refinance  on an investment property in Pennsylvania. The borrower cashed out to pay tax liens as well as pursue additional investments. This was done as a No Income Verification and No Tax Returns deal that closed in less than 30 days.We love helping investors and business owners and supply them with the capital they need when others are saying no, we say yes.

Cash Out Refinance for Owner of Liquor Store to expand

We are pleased to help another small business owner and provide them with a cash our refinance mortgage on a liquor store they owned in Dearborn, Michigan, they came to us wanting to purchase the adjoining the next door property and expand their business. We provided them with a 30 year amortization  cash out refinance mortgage.  We love helping investors and business owners and supply them with the capital they need when others are saying no, we say yes.

Gelt Financial buys Multi Family Debt in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to announce that is has purchased the debt of two Multi Family mortgages that are in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  According to Jack Miller, Gelt’s president, “we have been purchasing opportunistic debt since 1990 when our first purchase was a 13 Million portfolio of credit card debt from the Resolution Trust Corporation, along the way we have purchased portfolios of consumer discount paper, tax liens, and many commercial mortgages”. In 2006 Barron’s wrote a piece [...]