Gelt Financial arranged to finance for clients that own a 34 unit multi-family apartment near Pittsburgh, PA.  The loan enabled the client to pay off a higher interest loan and receive cash for other business purposes while lowering their monthly payment.  With interest rates at an all-time low, Gelt is saving investors large amounts of money be refinancing multi family as well as other real estate investments. We focus on delivering the very best rates and terms to our borrowers in a stress freeway.

Multi Family Mortgage

We are finding that real estate investor and business owners are coming to Gelt Financial because we offer bank terms without the aggravation and stress of dealing with a bank. Our programs offer up to 30-year amortizations or invest only loan, non-recourse mortgages. Loan to values up to 80%. 30 year fixed or adjustable rates.  All with streamlined documentation and processing. On all loans, our underwriting process is flexible takes into considerations peoples and the properties pasts.

We are committed to getting our borrowers the best deal on the market.
Gelt Financial, LLC was founded in 1989 since then it has provided financing to over 10,000 real estate investors and owners of business providing them the capital they need to build their American life.

We would love to help you meet your borrowing needs.