Looking For A Top Hard Money Lender in Florida?

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Top Hard Money Lender In Florida

Hard money lenders have hard-won reputations because they don’t have the recognition of a national bank or other large, ubiquitous financial firm. So when a private lender has become as reputable as a big-name bank, it’s from twice as much dedication, swift and concise loan processes, and competitive, flexible loan structures.  Reliable, efficient private money lenders are a dime a dozen, so where can you find one?

Bridge loans by Gelt Financial

From bridge loans to private commercial mortgage loans, look no further than Gelt Financial, a decades-established, long-trusted private, hard money lender.  Founded in 1989, Gelt Financial LLC is Florida’s leading lender in hard money loans and non-traditional commercial and investor mortgages, and for thirty years, Gelt Financial has proudly served Floridians by closing over 10,000 loans.

As Florida’s premier private lender, Gelt Financial specializes in sizable loans from $100K-$10MM and more for private commercial mortgage loans with rates from 8%.  Use Gelt Financial for hard money loans to purchase, refinance, and fund renovations, for bridge loans, investor rehabs, or hard money loans for foreclosure bailouts.

Gelt Financial can also provide hard money loans for discount note purchase financing as well as debtor-in-possession financing.  These private money loans can be structured for short-term or long-term financing.  Other lenders cannot match Gelt’s malleable loan construction, generous loan amounts, and unmatched experience in financing.

Difference Between Florida’s Top Hard Money Lender and A Bank

hard money lender Gelt FinancialUnlike a traditional bank, Gelt Financial offers unique flexibility, accepting loans that banks would not. As portfolio lenders, Gelt Financial allows borrowers to deal directly with the team of decision-makers, the representatives who can approve quickly and close loans efficiently.  The difference between Florida’s top hard money lender and a bank is that with Gelt, you aren’t faced with the approval of a committee but rather the swift approval of communicative, regionally renowned lenders.

Are you looking for a bridge loan?  Gelt Financial has got you covered.  With bridge loan sizes of $100,000 and up and rates beginning at 8.5%, borrowers can purchase, refinance, and renovate with these short-term loans.  Gelt Financial also specializes in DIP financing for companies in Chapter 11 bankruptcies looking for a quick and straightforward approval process with tailored underwriting processes coupled with flexible repayment terms to ease the financial burden.

Additionally, Gelt Financial’s accounts receivable financing and asset-back loans will allow the business to improve its cash flow with rates as low as 5%.  Gelt Financial revolutionizes investor loans with an utterly streamlined rehab program that allows borrowers to purchase their dream investment property with no income verification, minimum credit score, and no appraisal, with loan amounts ranging from $100,000-$1,000,000.

Every borrower and their financial needs are like a fingerprint—individualized.  Gelt Financial understands this and works toward tailored solutions to fit each project’s goals.  Traditional banks turn away borrowers who cannot meet strict qualifications, but with a private money lender like Gelt, hard money loans allow for special projects to manifest, creating a more diverse market and spurring an increasingly dynamic community.

Florida’s Top Hard Money Lender – Gelt Financial

If you’re searching for Florida’s top hard money lender, it’s Gelt Financial.  Gelt Financial has provided over $1 billion in financing since it’s founding in 1989, unrivaled in its loan structuring and versatility and acclaimed in its expertise in hard money lending and financing.  A team with cumulative and comprehensive financial experience leads Gelt Financial, and together, members work tirelessly to achieve rapid funding directly with borrowers to secure loans on their behalf.

With Gelt Financial, there is no maximum on loan amounts, no financial situation too challenging, and nothing our strategic alliances and years of experience cannot overcome.

When your bank says No, we say Yes!

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