In the video Jack suggests a strategy for realtors to become real estate investors without using their own money. By rolling their commissions into investment deals, realtors can transition from being commission-based individuals to owner investors, potentially leading to wealth accumulation:

“Hi, a simple, easy, and obvious way for realtors to get involved on ownership on commercial investment real estate without using any of their own money. Here it is very obvious, sell a property. If you sell a million-dollar property, for example, and you end up with 30 grand in commission, that’s 30 grand that you can roll into the deal.
So, roll that money into the deal is LP Capital, maybe even code JV Equity at Capital, coming on the GP side, and you can even tie the deal. If it’s a really good deal, you can tie the deal. You bringing the deal to the sponsor, to you being allowed to invest in it. So, roll your commissions into the deals, and you’ll turn yourself from a commission-based person or commission-based realtor to an owner investor, and there’s a big difference between that.
If you keep doing that, you’ll be super wealthy. Again, I realize you need money to live, so maybe you do it on every 10 deals, maybe you do it once a year, maybe you do it on every five deals, whatever it is you do it on, and it creates a net worth for you and an estate for you. Take care and have a great day.”

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