Hard Money Loans for Florida’s Commercial Real Estate

Hard Money Loan Terms

  • Rates: From 10.00%

  • Loan Size: $100K – $5MM (Minimum Property Value: $250k)

  • Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, Fix and Flip, Bridge Loans, Investor Rehabs, Foreclosure Bailouts, Discount Note Purchase Financing

  • Terms: Short term and Long term

  • Leverage: Up to 65% of Appraised Value (Up to 100% financing)

  • Points: 3 Points

Is Gelt Financial a Hard Money Lender?

Jack Miller gives a little history of Hard Money lending (hard money loans or mortgages)

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    Top 5 questions for Hard Money Loans

    Everyone has a different definition of what a hard money loan or lender is and it’s always changing. We are a private portfolio lender doing deals that provide people with the financing they need. I would say we offer hard money programs.
    Gelt Financial has no credit score requirements or minimums and provides common sense and “storied” underwriting to secure financing for even low credit scores. Gelt prides itself on flexibility.

    Gelt has been providing mortgage’s and the capital needed to the real estate investors since 1989, when you deal with Gelt you deal with the decision maker who will give you the straight story upfront, At Gelt most of the deals we approve we work out the terms right on the phone with our borrowers and then within a few hours issue a term sheet with all the details listed in easy to read language.

    Gelt Financial is not intimidated to handle complicated and messy financing deals. Gelt’s vast experience allows us to handle difficult deals that most others can’t.
    Yes, we do. We understand that things happen in life and are always looking to the future.

    Why Gelt for a Hard Money Loan?

    • Quick Access to Capital: Hard money loans offer rapid funding, allowing investors to take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities in the competitive CRE market.
    • Flexible Approval Criteria: Approval for hard money loans is often based on the collateral property’s value, not the borrower’s credit history or financial situation, making it more accessible to investors with less-than-perfect credit.
    • Customized Terms: Hard money lenders like Gelt offer flexibility in structuring loan terms, allowing borrowers to tailor repayment schedules to their project’s specific needs.

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    • Foreign National Borrowers

    • Non-Recourse Financing

    • Complex Transactions

    • Refinance & Recapitalizations
    • Storied Loans

    • Debtor In Possession

    • Joint Ventures

    • Foreclosure/DPO

    • Acquisition

    • Rehab and Value Added Deals

    • No Income Verification and Light Documentation

    • No Seasoning Requirements

    • Discount Note Purchasing Financing

    • Note Financing

    • Subordinated Debt

    • Partnership Buyouts

    • Judgement Payoffs

    • Blanket Loans

    • Pref Equity/Mezzanine

    • Partnership Programs

    • No Minimum Credit Scores

    • 100% Gift Funds
    • No Look Back on Previous Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

    • Nationwide Lending

    Sorry, we don’t lend on land and we are not construction lenders.

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