Gelt Financial provides mortgage debt on owner occupied business properties:

“Jack: Okay, Marcy.
Marcy: Hi!
Jack: Yeah, we’re here. Oh, remember, I always forget, like this, wherever you’re seeing YouTube or TikTok, like the channel, post questions, comments, we answer them, whatever, okay. Marcy, wanting to tell everyone about what you just told me we’re going to talk about today.
Marcy: Yeah, we’re just going to talk about two recent deals we just closed. One was in Kansas City, and the borrower is a businessman. He bought the building to move both of his businesses into it, so it’s very exciting for him because he owns the real estate now, and he’s able to save on rent now because he’s going to combine his insurance and his real estate business into one building.
Jack: So, the guy, the borrower, was in the insurance and real estate business?
Marcy: Yeah, yes. So, it was really, that was a great deal for him, and we helped him because not everyone would do the deal, and he came to us, and we got it done. And then…
Jack: Did, excuse me.
Marcy: Yes.
Jack: Did Kansas City just beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl?
Marcy: Hmm, I think so.
Jack: I think so too.
Marcy: Okay. And then the next deal, one of the other deals we just did was, again, a real estate entrepreneur. She bought a property in Maryland. It was a mixed-use property that had daycare and then a residential unit. She got it at a great price, and she was able to secure a lease on the daycare, and, you know, and rent out the other apartment, and, you know, again, we helped her. Not everyone does mixed-use properties. They have like square footage rules, and we don’t have those rules, so we were able to get that done for her and in a very timely manner. That deal, she got to another lender, and it fell through. It was a Fallout loan. It came to us, and we literally got it closed within less than 10 business days.
Jack: So, both of these were smaller balanced commercial deals. Business users, we do a lot of business user deals. People are having, you know, let’s make another video on what’s going on in the banking industry.
Marcy: Sure.
Jack: I don’t want to— I don’t want to go into.
Marcy: Yeah, so this is just about our deals.
Jack: So, we’re doing small balance deals. Um, I forget the size of these, but both of them were below a half a million bucks.
Marcy: Yeah, yeah, they were below, like, under $400,000.
Jack: Yep, um, really very limited documentation-type deals. Um, and we closed them quick. They’re Bridge loans. The borrowers will take our financing, uh, and when they can, they’ll pay us off with the bank or the SBA or whatever.
Marcy: That’s the whole point of our loans because it gives the borrowers the two years or less of seasoning that they need to go for traditional financing, but they were able to purchase their dream, I mean, they’re real estate.
Jack: Does it distract you that things keep popping up on my phone? It’s very distracting.
Marcy: Yeah, it’s not distracting.
Jack: I don’t know how to turn that off. I’m sorry. So, uh, Marcy, did—did both— I don’t remember, do these deals come through, um, mortgage brokers?
Marcy: Yes, they both came from mortgage brokers.
Jack: Both came from mortgage brokers. So, mortgage brokers earn money, uh, by sending us deals. I’m guessing 75% to 80% of our deals come from mortgage brokers.
Marcy: What’s so nice that dealing with, um, Gelt is that the broker— I do everything. So, I bring the loan to closing, and the broker, you know, assists—
Jack: So, the broker just sends us the deal.
Marcy: Sends us a deal.
Jack: They write on the term sheet, their points, and they get paid at closing, and you and Jonelle and Michael and whatever—
Marcy: A whole team.
Jack: A whole team does all the processing.
Marcy: Yeah.
Jack: Right, okay. Do we leave anything else?
Marcy: That’s it. Have a good day.
Jack: Remember— we’re gonna make another video because right now banks are really tough at lending, and we’re very focused on the collateral. So, our line, “When your bank says no, We say yes,” really holds true now. So, call us at 561-221-0900.
Marcy: Extension 103.
Jack: Oh, that looks better. Let’s redo this. No, I’m joking. Call us and or check us out at Have a great day and leave us questions; we’ll answer them.”

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