Here are some examples of some of the deals we have done.
While they are all different the common thread is we provided capital to real estate investors and self-employed business people, we get them the money they needed when their banks would not.
  • Detroit, Michigan 300k 1st mortgage on a strip of retail stores, purpose was to repay past due taxes and cash out. Non bankable income and credit.
  • Vineland, New Jersey $500,000.00 JV equity, Co-GP’s, and 1st Mortgage, we provided 100% of the cash needed to a local investor who found this property along with a credit tenant to lease it. Purchased property, fix up to tenants needs.
  • Southfield, Michigan: $655,000 1st mortgage 100% of the deal needed to pay off a seller under a master lease on this office building.
  • Nashville, TN, $340,000.00 1st mortgage to purchase a gas station C Store.
  • Branson, Missouri $800,000 1st mortgage to pay off a ballooning mortgage from a non friendly lender.
  • Columbus, Ohio $3,000,000.00 on a 152 unit Multi Family Property 1st mortgages to payoff existing as well provide money to rebuild 2 buildings
  • Long Island New York, $1,300,000.00 1st mortgage to Purchase Mobile Home park, first time buyers,
  • Norfolk, VA $50,000.00 cash our refinancing on a 6-unit apartment building. Non bank income and credit.
When your bank says No, we say Yes.
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