Condominium and Homeowners Associations in distress often cannot turn to their local bank for financing, at Gelt Financial, LLC we have been a provider of financing to Condominium and Homeowners Associations in distress and in bankruptcy.

We have found that sometimes Condominium associations are in distress and need our short-term financing of up to 5 years interest only payments to allow them to get over the challenges they are facing.  They need time to Stabilize and then seek traditional bank financing.

We have worked with associations in chapter 11 Bankruptcy that needed financing to exit the Bankruptcy or settle lawsuits, from vendors, neighbors, or previous lenders. When an association needs cash, often it stops doing the routine preventative maintenance and capital improvements to the property, so things can spiral out of control very fast.

Gelt Financial, LLC has been working with business, investors, and condo associations in distress for years, providing the capital they need to solve their problems. We can provide financing and structure it to meet the cash flow needs of our borrowers quickly.


When your bank says No, we say Yes.

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