This Is Exactly How Debtor-in-Possession Financing Works

Debtor-in-possession financing, commonly referred to as DIP financing, is a type of financing central to companies in bankruptcy, specifically those who have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection within the United States. You may have heard the term DIP

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Why Non-Bank Commercial Lenders Are in Such Hot Demand

There’s something about non-bank commercial lenders that’s got everyone jumping for joy in the financial world, but what gives—why are these lenders in such hot demand🔥 as opposed to traditional lenders? It seems like new sports facilities, energy projects, entertainment

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Blanket Mortgage Closed in South Carolina No Income Verification

Gelt closed a first mortgage for an investor with the purchase of 6 condominiums all located in the same community. Instead of buying each unit individually we were able to help this borrower with a no income verification blanket loan

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Cash Out Refinance on Free Standing Restaurant Suburbs of Pittsburgh

We just provided an experienced investor a cash-out refinance on Free standing Restaurant suburbs of Pittsburgh, established tenant, but the owner had a lot of credit challenges due to other matters in his life. Causing banks and other lenders so

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Closed Loan Retail Strip Center Nashville, TN 100% Loan to Cost

We are loving #Nashville, TN, we just closed an $801,000.00 loan on a retail strip center at 100% loan to cost for an experienced real estate investor. We are fast and flexible, deal directly with the decision-makers. When your bank says

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Closed Bridge Mortgage on Multi Family

Closed $3,050,000.00 Bridge financing for a 28 unit apartment in Detroit. The sponsor will use the funds for additional investments as he continues to improve operations. The apartment building represents continued economic growth in the downtown area. When your bank

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Closed Commercial Owner-Occupied Business Condo – No Income Verification Mortgage

This borrower’s seller-financed mortgage came due to his commercial condo space. Gelt Financial, LLC was able to assist the borrower in refinancing his commercial property from which he runs his family-owned machine shop business. We assisted the borrower in obtaining

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