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Brooklyn, New York Cash out Refinance, No Income verification, Out of country borrower, partial recourse

Cash out Refinance, No Income verification, Out of country borrower, partial recourse, Property had city violations on it that need to be corrected.  They tried their bank and when their Bank said No, We said yes and closed the mortgage Gelt Financial, is a private portfolio lender and we work with borrowers who have unique challenges and issues and customize lending product that meet there needs, borrower deal directly with the decision makers who listen and understand. When dealing with Gelt [...]

NEW PROGRAM Commercial and real estate investor mortgages

NEW PROGRAM Commercial and real estate investor mortgages from 100k and up. 30 year terms, no balloons. All credit considered, No income verification, foreign nations, Loans to LLC, credit problem ok. fast approvals and closings. Interest rates start at 8%.When your bank says No, We say Yes. Call today 561-221-0900 or visit us at www.Geltfinancial.com     rate

Closed 9.8 Million mortgage on large substance abuse recovery centers

Gelt Financial recently arranged $9.8 million in commercial first mortgage financing for the real estate holding company of a large substance abuse recovery center.  The company acquired three properties in Palm Beach and  Broward Counties from which it had operated and turned to Gelt to find a bank that had knowledge about the industry.  With the new relationship, the company will be able to meet future growth goals by controlling its own real estate. Bob Krupka at Gelt Financial, [...]

Closed loan in Philadelphia, Mixed Use property

Closed Loan, Philadelphia the home of the Super Bowl Champion Eagles, vacant Mixed-use property, the buyer was purchasing to fix up and rent out. When your bank says No, we say Yes, Gelt offers non-bank financing to real estate investors and commercial property owners with programs that include no income verification loans, No seasoning, Bank Turn downs and credit problems welcomed. Contact us online at www.Geltfinancial.com or at 561-221-0900  

Better then Bank Commercial Mortgages without the aggravation new loan programs

Jack Miller of Gelt Financial, LLC announces its “Better then Bank Commercial Mortgages without the aggravation new loan programs” Gelt recognizes that commercial real estate owners and investors are being increasing agitated by the process they have to go thought with traditional banks. Long delays, insane documentation requests and an  underwriting process that defies logic and commonsense. Gelt now offers commercial mortgage products at rates equal to or better than many of bank mortgages, all without the bank stress and [...]

When this borrower’s bank says No, We said yes. On a commercial mortgage refinance

Gelt Financial, LLC just closed a commercial mortgage with a 30 year amortization. This borrower was unable to obtain traditional bank financing because of a personal IRS tax lien, With the Borrower’s existing loan already matured, we were able to refinance his loan on this 12,000 sq. ft. Processing facility.  The new loan is a 5yr fixed amortized for 30 years. Borrower was able to cash out to help pay off personal IRS tax liens and pay off his existing loan [...]

We are so proud of out team of commercial mortgage professionals

H. Jack Miller, recently said how proud he was of the entire Gelt Financial, LLC team for all the hard work they do. We are lucky to have a team of very seasoned caring commercial mortgage professionals who work round the clock to get the job done. They consistently always go above and beyond. We are blessed.   Gelt Financial, When your bank says No, We say Yes

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to be back in Scotsman Guide as a small commercial Mortgages lender

Gelt Financial, LLC is pleased to be back in Scotsman Guide. Gelt and its management have been lending to small commercial property owners and investors since 1989. Gelt offers commercial mortgage products that banks don’t, as an example. No Income Verification commercial Mortgages programs, Credit Problem Loans, Loans to LLC’s and Bridge loans.  Gelt is known for its flexible underwriting with quick approvals and closings. Borrowers love dealing with us because they can speak directly to the decision makers.  We [...]

Commercial Mortgage Owner Occupied Business, Bank turndown

Gelt Financial was able to arrange financing for the hard working owners of a business and commercial real estate a sports retailer using their commercial real estate as collateral in New England. The financing on this owner occupied property greatly reduced high cost debt, provided additional funds for inventory and generally improved their working capital position so they can grow their business. Due to some past credit challenges the owners where turned down by their bank, another case [...]

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Are Interest Rates & Loan Terms The Most Important Things To Look For When Choosing a Mortgage Company For a Commercial Real Estate Loan?

It would seem that the interest rate and loan terms are the most thing to look for when choosing what mortgage company to go with, but the question is more complex than that, especially with commercial real estate loans. When comparing one lenders terms with another, you’re not choosing those terms. You’re choosing the promise of the lender to do their best to deliver those terms to you.  Things like appraisal, title insurance and final underwriting all come after one [...]