Some commonsense mortgage broker tips.
Remember, when your bank says NO, we say YES!

Marcy: Hi, it’s Marcy, and Jack from Gelt Financial.
Jack: So our tip of the day for mortgage brokers is communications and be accessible.
Marcy: Follow up and wait. We’ll talk about being accessible first, okay? Be accessible. Make sure your voicemails are not full, that people can leave you messages. Make sure on your emails that your signature line includes your phone number because you have to be very easily visual so that we could see how to find you, right? And then also communication because if you, like, all of a sudden you drop off the face of the earth and I don’t hear from you for a couple of days, I don’t know what’s going on.
Jack: It’s not just you; the borrowers too.
Marcy: The borrowers too. I mean, it’s like the brokers though have to be involved on top of everything and easily found.
Jack: Okay, I have a couple more. Learn follow-up skills. We get deals, and we’re involved with deals and brokers involved with deals all the time that you speak to them maybe six months or a year ago. This is every day of the week. You speak to someone six months earlier, a year ago. We have a CRM that we use, and brokers should learn to use a CRM, have automated follow-ups, follow up.
Marcy: So, they call like little ticklers.
Jack: That’s correct. That way, when they need you, you’re there. So again, it’s common sense, I hate to say it. Don’t be a goofball. If you’re in sales, your voicemail shouldn’t be filled, on your emails, your numbers should always be there. Return calls, return emails right away.
Marcy: Because you don’t know what people have to say.
Jack: Just because you can’t do a deal with them today doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do a deal with them in a month or six months. So good follow-up skills, good communication skills are essential for success if you’re a mortgage broker. That’s our tip of the day. Have a fantastic day. Remember, when your bank says no, we say yes. Check us out at We’re looking to do business, and we want to do business with you. Take care and have a good day.”

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