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Marcy: Hi, it’s Marcy and Jack.
Jack: Hey, we’re Gelt Financial, tip of the day.
Marcy: Tip of the day is the word motivation and the definition to us of what motivation is that you have to keep trying to look for deals. There’s deals out there; you just have to keep trying, brokers.
Jack: So in the commercial space, it’s unlike the residential space where you’re limited by states. Most states don’t require a license in the commercial state, so you can operate over, give or take, 40 states. 42 states there’s no regulations without a license. We’re not lawyers, but either way, so don’t tell me there’s no deals out there. Anyone who wants a deal can get a deal. I’m guessing in the 40 states that we don’t think you need a license, there’s 200 million people, 250 million people. Do you know how many people need non-bank financing, hard money financing? If you focus—
Marcy: Right, so you gotta stay motivated.
Jack: If gas stations are hospitalities or self-storage or no dock deals or foreclosure deals, there’s hundreds of thousands of buyers and borrowers who need you right now. So I don’t want to hear don’t tell me there’s no deals out there. It’s a big country; you can get deals. You
Marcy: gotta just be motivated to look for them.
Jack: Don’t give up, look in the right place. We talked about laser focusing before, right?
Marcy: You got to stay focused; you got to narrow the gap, be motivated, look for the deals.
Jack: There’s deals out there, there’s a ton of deals out there. Again, we’re not working in like one little two by two areas in Timbuktu, you know, we have a vast area with millions and millions of people. Banks are tight on the regulations, so you can get deals. So bottom line is there are deals out there. Check us out; remember Gelt Financial when your bank says no, we say yes. Check us out at Oh, and subscribe to our YouTube, hit the thing, and leave a comment. Take care and have a wonderful day.”

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