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Is your Storage Center Distressed?

Here is what you can do DOWN BUT NOT OUT A distressed property is one that is one that is under foreclosure. Commercial properties such as self storage centers stand to lose a lot when the economic market takes a turn for the worst. If your storage center is already in financial distress it means that your property has just joined their ranks. Are you down for the count? We know how upsetting the ordeal can be for you. After all, [...]

Real Estate Investments 101 – Using Leverage to Make a Profit

When it comes to saving money through real estate, leverage is an important aspect. We have worked with a number of real estate investors who fix or flip residential non-owned properties use financing to leverage how they make money. Here is how the process usually works. Let’s say that a typical real estate purchase requirement is a 20% down payment. This would come up to a $100,000 on a $500,000 asset. In a case such as this, the majority of [...]

How to Save your Self Storage Center from Financial Ruin

How to Save your Self Storage Center from Financial Ruin Owning a self storage center is great business. However, we have realized that the prospect is less than satisfactory for clients who own storage centers that are in danger of becoming distressed properties. Here are some tried and tested solutions that can work for you - OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW A commercial property does not always face financial troubles due to a lack of clients or funds. Maybe [...]

Recover a Distressed Hotel – What to do

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT Your hotel is financially distressed and the bank can come to collect. Fortunately all is not lost. Getting the distressed property off your hands might make sense now. However, while working with our clients, we have found that such a property’s net worth is much greater if it remains open for business. Is your hotel distressed? Here is what you can do to turn things around - INCREASE DEMAND Let’s face it. You need to get in more paying [...]