We just provided an experienced real estate investor 100% financing on a new purchase by talking an additional property as collateral, our mortgages were on two single-family properties in two cities, Orlando and Davie, Florida. This was a Purchase Refinance blanket.

“Hello, this is Jack Miller at Gelt Financial. Here to talk to you about another deal that we just closed. I don’t know the last couple days, last couple of those days. I think we closed three deals in three days, four states, three borrowers, three different mortgage brokers, but this one, a guy owned, called us up, wanted to buy a property in Davie, Florida, which is right outside of Miami.
We gave him a hundred percent financing which is crazy, but we did, but there’s a trick to the story. He also had another property in Orlando, which we also took his additional collateral, but he got a hundred percent financing. We got two properties, he was thrilled, we were thrilled. He’s a good guy, he’s gonna make a lot of money on these deals, and that’s what we do. We love to give—we love to lend people money when they can make money, that’s the best thing in the world.
But check us out at geltfinancial.com or call us at 561-221-0900 extension 238, and by the way, we found this deal, a mortgage broker brought it to us, that’s how we do most of our business, through mortgage brokers. Call us anytime, and I always forget, I forget whether it’s above or below, but people are always telling me you gotta like the video, not the video, like our channel, subscribe to our channel, that way when there’s other videos, you will be notified. Hey, take care and have a fantastic day.”

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