Chicago Office Condo Mortgage Closed, No income Verification for owners of Business.

“Chicago, Chicago, that title in town, that title in town. I love it. Bet your bottom dollar that you’ll lose the blues in Chicago, Chicago. I’ll show you around.
Hey, guess what? We just closed a loan. You know where? Chicago. Beautiful loan closed the other day. Small loan. But you know what? That’s fine too. Two families bought it. They’re brother and sister, or brother and sister-in-law, something like that. One of them actually works for a bank, and the bank turned them down. We closed the loan under our no income verification program. Got it, approved it right away. Closed it right away. They were thrilled. They tried other places; they couldn’t get it done. It came through us through a mortgage broker. Beautiful loan for us, beautiful loan for them. We made the American dream come through—come to them, or come for them, or whatever it is, come true for them.
I’m trying to get all this in at a red light, so I apologize. Anyway, it came to us through a mortgage broker. Go to our website, That’s Or call us at 561-2210-900 and love to close loans for you. That’s all I can say. Again, and this is a classic case of when your bank said no, we said yes. This guy works for a bank and couldn’t get the loan. We did the loan like the YouTube video. More important, subscribe to our channel, Always common-sense underwriting. We’ll let you know right away if we like the deal, or we don’t like the deal. Okay, the light’s going. Have a great day. Take care.”

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