Gelt Financial – your best option to deal with bank turn downs and commercial mortgages

When it is about handling the issues of bank turn downs and commercial mortgages, it is imperative to choose a professional and well-established organization to close the mortgages. Now, you will find a myriad of organizations that will claim to close mortgages and make things easier for you. However, not all the organizations will be able to keep up with their claims. Now, how does Gelt Financial differentiate itself?

The Specialization of Gelt Financial

Gelt Financial has been lending money since 1989. This is exactly why we have got the experience and resources to close mortgages for commercial property owners and real estate investors with utmost precision and convenience. When your bank says NO, we say YES! Gelt Financial is a commercial non-bank mortgage lender where we focus on mortgages from $50,000.00 and up. Since 1989, we have successfully closed more than 10,000 loans in the respective areas of commercial real estate, multi-family real estate, bridge & short-term mortgages and hard money loans.

Why should you choose Gelt Financial instead of banks?

There is no denying the fact that banks turndown a wide array of commercial mortgages. There are guidelines and rules and regulations  that need to be met before a bank approves your commercial mortgage. The borrower must meet up with stringent credit and income standards. Not to mention wait for periods of time.

The banks are extremely strict about the regulations and selective about the customers that can get commercial mortgage approval. There are numerous reasons that can disqualify you.

Also, the banks have loan committees and you will not have the option to talk to the decision-makers where you will be just a number and statistics to them.

On the contrary, with Gelt Financial, you will be able to speak right away with the decision-makers.  We are a non-bank private commercial mortgage lender that focuses on offering capital to real estate investors and the businesses that have been turned down by the bank.

With our Rapid Funding feature, Gelt moves fast by providing quick approvals and closings, limited documents, including no income verification commercial mortgages and they can be flexible with terms to meet the borrower’s requirements and cash flow on small commercial mortgages.

Rest assured that Gelt will deal with the credit issues, commercial no documentation loans, commonsense underwriting, and more. Yes, you might find the rates to be a bit higher, but we will deliver you a seamless experience that no bank will be able to provide.

We work with the real estate investors and owners of the businesses where you get to speak to the decision makers Every commercial property owner and real estate investor has different sets of requirements and we customize our mortgage closing solutions according to their requirements. We are more understanding than any bank and we have the resources to do commercial no documentation loans, as well as loans with credit problems that the banks can’t.

The features offered by Gelt Financial

Gelt Financial closes mortgages for commercial property owners and real estate investors in 40 states. Our private money loans are the ideal solution while financing “out of the box” real estate transactions, especially if you need to close fast.

Our loans are available  for all sorts of properties. We can deliver fast approvals for small commercial mortgages within short closing times. This is something that no bank can provide. Our private money programs are capable of financing almost all sorts of transactions.

We deliver customized solutions that are ideal to lend money and fund your real estate investment or commercial real estate Our uniqueness resides in the fact that this customized approach has enabled us to deliver better flexibility that other lenders will not be able to offer.

Starting at $50,000.00. Gelt Financial is a direct lender and When your bank says No, we say Yes