Gelt Financial closes a cash out, mixed use, no income verification mortgage in Indianapolis, IN.

Marcy: Hi.
Jack: Hi, this is Jack and Marcy at Gelt.
Marcy: How are you?
Jack: We’re good. You’re good. Well, anyway, we’re super excited. We just closed a loan Friday, I think, Friday in?
Marcy: Indiana.
Jack: Isn’t Indiana the Hoosiers?
Marcy: Yes, they are.
Jack: The Hoosiers in Indianapolis. Remember that song, “God didn’t give us little green apples; it won’t rain in Indiana in the summertime”?
Marcy: I so don’t know that song. I’m sure that your audience does.
Jack: I don’t know. It’s an old song. I think it’s like a soul song. It was great. But anyway, mixed-use property, $130,000 loan amount. Not many people doing $130,000 loan amounts.
Marcy: And also, we did cash out. The borrower was taking the money out of this property to invest in another property, and she’s going to flip the other property.
Jack: And I think no income verification as well.
Marcy: Yeah, no income verification.
Jack: Remember, $130,000, no income verification, mixed-use Indiana. Gelt Financial, we’re here for you. Check us out at Remember, when your bank says no, we say yes. And don’t forget to like our video, like our YouTube, hit the bell or the button, and we all like. Marcy, what’s your number for the brokers to call you and people to call you?
Marcy: It’s 561-221-0900.
Jack: Well, remember, we’re looking to do business. When your bank says no, we say yes. Take care and have a wonderful day. God bless you.”

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