Gelt Financial is a South Florida based Private lender and will provide financing for rehabs, construction and land in South Florida:

Marcy: Hi Jack.
Jack: Hey Marcy. So, we want to talk about—we’re in South Florida and—wait, I want to get this up, so people, there!… so, people can see our Gelt Financial sign. We paid for that years ago; might as well get use of it.
Marcy: Absolutely.
Jack: We’re in South Florida. We want to get a little aggressive in South Florida, maybe a little outside of our—I don’t see—outside of our comfort zone, because we’ve done, uh, some land deals, some small construction, and some rehab deals in South Florida.
Marcy: We don’t want to confuse people, ’cause on our website and in general, we typically do not do land and we don’t do construction, but we’re reaching out to South Florida peeps right now.
Jack: Yes, peeps.
Marcy: ‘Cause we’re—yes, our friends in South Florida.
Jack: So, in South Florida, we’ll do some land deals—nothing big, under 3 million, maybe 5 million—construction the same size, rehabs the same size. Our office is in the Boca Delray area, so within an hour, so maybe up to Jupiter, down to Miami.
Marcy: You know, so that we can, like, go and inspect the property ourselves, like, especially, uh, reaching out to builders that have, like, run over their cost. Like, you have a construction loan, but then you still need a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand to finish it. We can help you out with those types of loans. And then for land, we—you know, if we like the area, we will do a land loan within this location.
Jack: We did a couple, uh, maybe a month or so ago, a land loan—maybe a couple months ago—a land loan in Miami. And we did a construction in Boca Raton, right. So, we’re stepping out of our comfort zone for local—
Marcy: For local Florida, Palm Beach County, Dade County, Broward County. That’s it.
Jack: Yes, within an hour or so of Boca Raton, Florida, right? Check us out at Like the video, subscribe to our channel, and uh, call us at 561-221-0900.
Marcy: Extension 103.
Jack: Remember, When your bank says no, We say yes. Take care.”

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