In the video, Jack shares a valuable tip for investors: many people and businesses fail because they take on too much and lose focus. He advises caution, emphasizing the importance of fully digesting projects before moving on to new ones. He suggests maintaining mental focus and having enough capital:

Hello, this is Jack Miller. I hope you’re having a great day. A tip for real estate investors for today, but it’s really for all investors and all people. You know, in today’s world, more people and more companies, I see, die of indigestion than starvation. More people eat too much and try to do too much, then they die of not doing enough and not eating enough. And I see this all the time. So, you know, we’re all deal addicts. I’m a deal addict too. But I’ve seen one of the biggest causes of people to implode is they’re taking on too much. And when you take on too much, you lose focus. It requires too much capital. So, I would urge caution and keep in mind that more people die of indigestion and starvation.

Keep laser-focused on what you do, you know. I’ve seen the smartest people, the best men, and women, implode because of this. So, I would say, take your time, fully digest what you’re working on. Make sure you have enough mental focus and capital to do it, and then move on to the next deal. Remember, there’s a deal of the day, the deal of a lifetime, every day that’s going to hit your door. So, be careful, don’t take on too much.

I hope you enjoy the tip of the day or the tip of the week. I don’t know when I’m going to make another one, but it’s a tip. Take it for what it’s worth. Leave your comments if you like it, like it. If you forward it, forward it. I hope you like the YouTube channel and click the bell or the button, and you’ll be notified when more are posted. Thank you and have a great day. Remember, check us out at When your bank says no, we say yes.

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