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Anatomy of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Debtor in Possession (DIP) deal

When you need someone who can move fast, understands the deals, flexible and has the experience with Chapter 11 Bankruptcies. We are here for you.   Attorney for DIP calls me and runs by deal on the phone. I present the terms. He sends me what due diligence we need, we issue a term sheet and it’s signed. Attorney makes energy motion to court for DIP financing. Hearing is held and approved, later that day borrowers sign the documents/ The [...]

Gelt approves a “DIP” Debtor in Possession for company in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Gelt Financial, LLC approved a “DIP” Debtor in Possession first mortgage on a health care facility in New England. Over the years Gelt has developed a specialty in helping owners of business and real estate thought challenging times. According to Jack Miller, “we don’t shy away from challenging situations. We have the flexibility to work with the owners, stakeholders, attorneys and come up with a structure that works for all parties.  We have a long history of helping those [...]