An email from a borrower after he paid Gelt Financial off. This is an every day event at Gelt and we are so grateful to our borrowers and love helping them succeed. Listen to what he said about Hotel he purchased where everything went wrong and how we worked with him to make over a few million dollars.

“So, we made a loan about a year and a half before COVID, maybe two years. A guy happened to be a doctor, bought a hotel that needed a tremendous amount of work in a major population – a major tourist location in the U.S. I think that the third or fourth top tourist destination in the U.S. From the get-go, from the beginning, he had problems.
It was problems renovating it, problems just all across the board. It cost him a lot more – just problems. We worked with him, of course. COVID hit. For this guy, it felt like everything had gone wrong. He bought – we did the loan even though he didn’t have experience because frankly he bought it cheap, and he got a good deal. Finally, COVID’s over, it’s renovated, he sold it for a huge, huge multi-million-dollar profit. And he sent me this email. I want to just read you a line of it. He says, “Thank you for your help and advice. You and your company work with me throughout the process, and I feel like a real human being and not a number. By your flexibility to deal with my situation from the get-go.” You know when we get that email and we get these emails and comments all the time, it makes us really feel good about lending to real estate investors and business owners. And that’s what we do at Gelt Financial. You know we try to help people when they’re down, sometimes when we are all down and help them and give them the fuel, the capital to make money with our capital.
So, I’m very proud of this email and this deal. This guy made a lot of money on it, and we work with them through some tough times. A lot of other people wouldn’t have been so easy for them but with us, we’re not selling our loans, we service our loans, we’re a family operation. We get to know the people and that’s what you get at Gelt Financial. So, I’m proud of it. I wanted to put this out there self-understood. If we could help you or any of your clients, we’d love to. Check us out at Thanks, and have a great day.”

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