Small Balance Commercial and Investment Mortgage Lending

  • Loan amounts $100,000 and up

  • Minimum Property Value: $250,000

  • Rates Starting at 10.00%, Interest Only

  • Up to 100% LTV with cross collateral

  • Lending terms up 5 years interest only

  • Fast approvals and closings

  • Mortgage brokers protected

  • Customized terms to meet the borrower’s needs (we can be flexible)

  • Primary lending areas are major markets nationwide

  • Foreign national borrowers, non-recourse financing, complex transactions

Jack Miller talks about Gelt’s non-bank commercial mortgage no appraisal program.

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    Small Balance Commercial Mortgages With Gelt Financial: What You Need To Know

    Navigating the realm of small commercial mortgages can be a complex endeavor, but with Gelt Financial, your journey becomes a seamless partnership toward business expansion. We recognize the paramount importance of small commercial mortgages for nurturing your business’s growth ambitions. As a dependable lending ally, we are attuned to the unique financial needs that fuel your enterprise. Our mission revolves around offering bespoke solutions for both owner-occupied and investment commercial real estate, particularly when conventional bank-sponsored financing may not present a feasible avenue.

    How do Small Commercial Mortgages work through Gelt Financial?

    At Gelt Financial, we understand that small balance commercial loans are crucial for the growth of your business. That’s why we pride ourselves on being a trusted lending partner that comprehends your unique financial requirements. Securing a small balance commercial real estate mortgage can be complex, and we recognize that some businesses may face challenges in the process. Our mission is to provide tailored solutions for both owner-occupied and investment real estate, especially when traditional bank-backed financing may not be a feasible option.

    With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years and an impressive track record of over 10,000 loans closed, our dedicated team is well-equipped to quickly assess your business’s needs. We specialize in customizing loans for commercial properties that align perfectly with your objectives and aspirations.

    invest image with cubesWhether you’re looking to purchase a new space for your growing business or seeking to refinance your current loan to better accommodate your expansion plans, we’ve got you covered. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your business has the right space to flourish and prosper.

    We understand that obtaining bank-backed private mortgage loans for commercial properties can be challenging, and there are several reasons why businesses may face turn-downs from traditional banks. However, at Gelt Financial, we embrace these challenges and strive to find alternative solutions. Here are some common reasons for commercial bank turn-downs and how we may be able to help:

    You’ve had credit issues in the past.

    Due to strict regulations, banks and other traditional lenders have a fairly narrow window of acceptability when it comes to credit. This can be very difficult for many commercial borrowers on the hunt for a small-balance commercial loan lender. If your credit score reflects recent financial hardships and you’ve been turned away from banks, a private commercial mortgage from Gelt Financial could be the solution you’ve been seeking.  Our expert team can sit down and look at the entire business scope to get a feel for your financial landscape, apart from just considering your credit score.

    You have past-due taxes.

    More often than not, banks can not lend to businesses who owe the IRS. If you are seeking a mortgage to pay off back taxes but do not qualify for traditional bank-backed commercial lending, Gelt Financial can help.

    You need a small balance commercial real estate loan.

    If you are seeking a smaller commercial real estate loan, you may be running into roadblocks with banks or other commercial lenders due to the mortgage size. At Gelt Financial, we specialize in closing small balance commercial real estate mortgages when others will not. We can simplify the process of finding financing in the more niche situations that can disqualify you from traditional avenues.

    Gelt Financial is committed to providing the fastest and more personal service for your individual business requirements. With locations in both Florida and Texas, our teams are able to serve companies nationwide. Our goal is to provide the finances and guidance to help your business achieve long-term success in small commercial real estate investments.


    • Foreign National Borrowers

    • Non-Recourse Financing

    • Complex Transactions

    • Refinance & Recapitalizations
    • Storied Loans

    • Joint Ventures

    • Foreclosure/DPO

    • Acquisition

    • Rehab and Value Added Deals

    • No Income Verification and Light Documentation

    • No Seasoning Requirements

    • Discount Note Purchasing Financing

    • Note Financing

    • Subordinated Debt

    • Partnership Buyouts

    • Judgement Payoffs

    • Blanket Loans

    • Pref Equity/Mezzanine

    • Partnership Programs

    • No Minimum Credit Scores

    • 100% Gift Funds
    • No Look Back on Previous Bankruptcies and Foreclosures

    • Nationwide Lending

    Sorry, we don’t lend on land and we are not construction lenders.

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