Learn to say NO more, and you will be more focused and productive in achieving the results you want.

Jack: Okay, Jack and Marcy at Gelt Financial here. So, we want to make this video again. Jack and Marcy at Gelt Financial, like the YouTube channel. Leave your comments here. I want to make a video I’ve wanted to make for a long time, and it seems contradictory, but I call it the power of no, of saying no. Most people in life, in business, and especially in the mortgage business, they say yes—they want to say yes to everything. Most people want to be pleasers. It’s inherently, I think, in our nature that we want to be pleasers. We don’t like to say no; it’s viewed as something.
Marcy: It’s also a personality trait. Like me personally, I say no a lot to everyone because I only like to do what I want to do. So that kind of comes through my personality.
Jack: I like to say yes.
Marcy: You’re a yes sir.
Jack: I like to please.
Marcy: You like to please. He likes to please.
Jack: I like to please, and my natural tendency is to say yes. But I’ve learned that, especially in business, you’re much better off, and you’re much more independent if you say no more often. Saying no—
Marcy: It gives you power.
Jack: It gives you power not to say no but to focus on what’s important to you because most people say yes, and by saying yes, they fill their life, and they fill their workday, and they fill their minds with a bunch of stuff that—
Marcy: And you don’t get anything done. You just don’t.
Jack: Yes. So my message is learn to say no. I think it was Warren Buffett who said you don’t have to do that many good deals in your life; just don’t do bad deals. Say no more often. Actually, I can’t show up, but Michael Jordan, I have over there a quote that someone sent me years ago, and he said when he’s first starting out, he had to be selfish in his life to be a success and say no to everything. And then once he was a success, you can say yes. So, the power of saying no, I would say no, it’s important because it frees you up to say yes to what’s important. So really, by saying no, you’re decluttering your mind, decluttering your workday, and focusing in and giving 100% of your energy to one or two things. It’s supposed to scattering around your energy because really, when you say no, it gives you the independence to focus on what’s important. And that’s what you want to do. You want to use all of your mind and your energy and your thoughts on focusing on what’s important. And the same thing, look, we’re in the commercial and investment mortgage business. The reality is, it doesn’t sound good on a marketing tape, but we have to say no to a lot of deals.
Marcy: Yeah, that’s why I was wanting to interject with that. Well, what I—for the brokers that know me really well, and there’s quite a few of you out there, I always tell you, I say no a lot, but don’t stop asking. I mean, we go over so many deals on a daily basis, and the majority of them we do pass—we pass on; we say no because there have to be certain criteria that we need met by the collateral, and it just doesn’t work for us. But don’t get discouraged, and you know you have to just keep asking until you get what you need, and I don’t want anyone to feel that we just say no. It’s personal; it’s not. It’s just—it’s a business.
Jack: Yeah, on the business side, we have a niche that we do. We’re not everything to everyone. We tell people that we’re a specialty shop, and if we would say yes to everything, we would be out of business very, very quickly. So, we say no a lot, but I view that as powerful, and that’s good. So, my message to everyone is learn to say no and focus on what’s important to you and what value you can add to your borrowers or whoever you’re trying to please. And there’s a tremendous—
Marcy: Personally, and business.
Jack: Personally, and business, you say no a lot, and personally?
Marcy: I do because I have to put up—I don’t know if you want to call boundaries. I do because I work full-time and very busy, and you have three children, you have a dog, your husband, and friends; it becomes chaotic. I say no because if it just doesn’t work, I say no, and I have no problem with it.
Jack: It’s very hard to say no; it really is, and a lot of people struggle with it. I struggle with it, but I’ve learned over the years, say no; it really is important, I have to tell you.
Marcy: And it really does, I mean honestly, I know it sounds in a crazy way, but it really does give you so much power. It’s empowering for you personally to be able to be like, no, that’s not going to work for me; I have to do this.
Jack: Most people, I always use the expression, especially real estate investors in business, and I think it’s a fact. If it’s not a fact, someone will contradict me, I’m sure. More people die of indigestion than starvation in the world. No, they—
Marcy: ‘Cause they’re just taking it all in.
Jack: That’s exactly right. More businesses die of indigestion; they have 40 good ideas, so they want to do all 40 good ideas. Or we see it with real estate investors all the time; they’re new to the real estate investing business; they want to buy so many properties quickly instead, and then they implode.
Marcy: It fails every time; it fails. You gotta do things slow and steady.
Jack: Slow and steady wins the race.
Marcy: Wins the money.
Jack: That’s correct. So, the power if No. Learn to say the power of No, and you’ll be successful. Have a great weekend, but we say yes; we’re closing loans all the time. We want to do your loan; check us out at geltfinancial.com and call us or send us an email or leave us comments; we’ll answer them. Take care and have a wonderful day.”

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