Marcy and Jack get a little personal and talk about how grateful and appreciative we are.

Jack: This is Marcy and Jack at Gelt Financial. Marcy’s suggestion—Marcy, you get the credit for this one.
Marcy: Yes, I just feel we’re going to talk about something today that I think is gratefulness. That’s what I think; we’re going to talk about gratefulness today because I feel like we always talk about business, and part of business is being grateful. I mean, I’m very grateful to work here. I’m very grateful that I have amazing co-workers that are in my life, and that we accomplish something every day. And I just wanted to just let everyone know that in the world, and I’m grateful for my family and friends, and I’m grateful and, well, and that, you know, I hear at least—I hate to use the word again—COVID, but honestly, during my day, I talk to people all over the United States, and I literally say the word COVID, I’m going to say 30 times a day if you can imagine that because it comes into play in so many areas of our lives. And I guess after today and this morning, I had a really nice closing this morning. It went really smooth, and there was no problems, and everyone was happy. And I just felt really grateful today, and I’m grateful that no one—everyone’s well, you know, and I just feel like I just wanted to say that.
Jack: I think it’s a great idea, Marcy. The truth is, Marcy came to me, I don’t know, five, ten minutes ago and said, and we’re in the middle of the hectic day. I don’t know, it’s 2:30 o’clock. She said, let’s make a video about gratefulness, and I think it’s a good idea. First of all, Marcy, I’m grateful for you, and I’m grateful for our whole team. The truth is, Marcy and I make these videos, but we have a whole team here, and at least for me, everyone does a lot more work than me.
Marcy: Well, you’re the leader of the tribe, so we’re just, you know, we get everything done.
Jack: Everyone here makes it easy, but we’re very lucky. We have a committed group of people. I’m very grateful for you. I’m gonna do work first and personal stuff. I’m very grateful to be in business since 1989, 33-34 years. I’m so grateful for all of our borrowers. You know, we just heard from one of our borrowers who, I said I was joking around with Marcy, this lady is an American hero, and she really is. She bought—she’s, I don’t know how old, but a young lady. I’m guessing 30. I don’t know if she’s older or younger. She came to us; she found the property in a—
Marcy: Sort of it was like a revitalized area.
Jack: Yeah, but the area wasn’t so great, but whatever, turning around, turning around, and she bought it pretty cheap. She fixed it up, and she sold it. So, really, for the community, she did wonderful things for herself, she made money, and for the borrower, bought a beautiful home, you know, on America—on TV, you hear all these stories, and politicians and the political parties divide us. But this particular lady, I’m not going to mention her name, but she, to me, was an American hero because she risked her, she’s, she believed herself. She didn’t need any government aid; she didn’t need anything. She just did it on her own. So, I am so thankful to all of our customers and our borrowers and our tenants and just everyone we deal with because all of them, to me, are American heroes. They just go out and do things. I’m grateful just for everything I have. The truth is, I have the best job, and I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I have an amazing time—we have fun here too, but I have an amazing family, an amazing community, amazing support system. Everything in my life is amazing. Yeah, of course, there’s been plenty of sad days, and I’m not going to speak for you, Marcy, but I know you’ve had them too. We all cry along the way; we all have days where maybe we’re not as grateful, but you know, the truth is we’re lucky to be alive. We’re only, you know, I always remind my kids are two generations away from my wife’s parents are Holocaust survivors, so they’re two generations away from just terrible calamity. But I was talking to someone yesterday, and they were one generation. They came here from another country; they effectively escaped the other country. It was Cuba, and they—I spoke to the kids, and the father just actually passed away very sadly yesterday, the day before COVID. The father took some kind of rowboat here, I think in the ’60s, and he came here with not a penny, not anything, and he built up, he made a life, he made a life. And, you know, this guy was one generation. So, we are so lucky to be born in this special place, this special time, and I’m grateful. I have to be candid with you, and I guess lot a lot of people have it, but I’m the luckiest guy in the world, but you know, I let the day-to-day nonsense of the world get in the way. So sometimes, I don’t have the best days, and it’s a fault I need to work on that myself.
Marcy: Well, we always can go home in like a long time ago someone said this to me, and I kind of try to remember when I get home, I’m like, all right, we’re going to wash all the mud off from the day, and then we start fresh the next day.
Jack: I agree, but either way, we all have our own things to deal with, but I’m grateful, you’re grateful, and we just wanted to tell all of our stakeholders, our investors, our borrowers, all of our vendors, we’re incredibly grateful for you because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here making this video. So, try to be grateful in your day; the truth is life is short.
Marcy: It is, yeah, and we see every day how much shorter it is, you know, just with everything that’s going on in the world. It’s definitely life is a gift.
Jack: And all of our days are numbered, and we have to make the most—one thing I do is I try to make the most out of every day. I try to fit in a lot in the day. So anyway, all right, anyway, have a wonderful day, hopefully you like the YouTube channel, like our videos anyway, have a great day, take care.

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