Jack Miller talks about what he leaned by making Toast? How good things take time and effort before you see the results.

“Hey, this is Jack Miller. I hope you’re having a fantastic day. I’m here to tell you that I learn a lot by doing a basic function that I’m almost guaranteeing almost all of you have done, and it’s making toast. Toast bread, white bread. If you ever put toast in a toaster oven, we happen to get a new toaster oven a couple of months ago, and honestly, I’ve never really paid attention to it before. But I happened to stand there, and I hit the toast. I love bread; my stomach shows it. It’s not good for me, but I like it. And I think it was set to four minutes or whatever it was set to, and I hit it, and I was waiting, and I was watching. Nothing happened, nothing happened, nothing happened, nothing happened, nothing happened. Then the last, and I think it was 4 minutes, maybe it was 3 minutes, whatever it is. Then the last 20 seconds, the last 10 seconds, all of a sudden, it became nice and golden brown, and I ate the toast. I put butter on it or whatever, and it dawned on me: this is so much how life is, you know? In business, I’ve been self-employed my whole entire life. For me, working, going to college, and working for someone wasn’t an option. I was forced to be, not—I was forced to be self-employed. I happen to be dyslexic; I have absolutely no skills except for the sheer determination of my personality and the ability to work very hard and work around the clock. So, I love what I’m doing, so I don’t consider it work. But anyway, I was self-employed my whole life. I had to make things happen for me, and it dawned on me when I was watching that toaster, actually, a couple of seconds after.

So much can be learned from this because so many things I work on, and you do too if you’re self-employed or if you’re in sales that you see no results from. You do it may be on a Monday, and you don’t see any results, and you don’t see any results, and you don’t see any results, and you don’t see any results. Time goes by, days go by, weeks go by, months go by, sometimes years go by, and all of a sudden, you see a result. And it’s just like making toast; it’s a beauty. I know it sounds crazy. I found beauty in making toast because when you make the toast, you don’t see any results in the last 10 seconds, the last 5 seconds, the last 20 seconds. But it took 3 minutes or 4 minutes to make.

I’ve had so many relationships in my life and so many deals that I’ve made that when it happens, you look like a hero. You look like a hero. You look like, “Oh wow, that Jack Miller, that Gelt Financial, look what he did, look at the results he got.” But what you don’t see is the hard work, the patience, the determination, the sleepless nights, the seeing no results for years, for years, for years. And that’s what being self-employed sometimes is. I wish I could start a business, or I wish I had the talent to do something that, as soon as I did it, I see results. And I hope the viewers, I hope you do. But in my life, it’s been the opposite. My sales cycle has been very long. I’ve had to always plant seeds, and I’ve always had to work on things for sometimes decades, believe it or not. And they are sometimes been decades before I see financial results. But I’ve stuck with it. And if you work on enough things for long enough, and you keep doing what’s right, and you keep on the path of right and keep improving and keep saying to yourself, “Hey, how can I keep sharpening the pencil? How can I keep doing things right and improving and making slow incremental improves?” It becomes faster. But don’t be impatient with yourself. Don’t be impatient with the sales process.

I’ve seen more people give up and fail right before they see the beauty of the results. I’ve had so many deals and so many experiences that I could go on forever about that. I look like a hero. I look like a hero. But the truth is that that happened over 10 or 20 or sometimes longer years. So again, I learned a tremendous lesson in making toast. Next time you make toast, look at it. Look at every second and think of how many times you’ve done things that you didn’t see the results to the very end. And think about what’s worse. Think about how many things you walked away from, and you stopped pushing and you stopped working on at 3 minutes and 58 seconds in. Three minutes and I think it’s 80 or if it took 20 seconds, 3 minutes and 75 sec or no, no, 3 minutes and 45. Yeah, I’m getting my numbers. I work with math all day. I’m getting my numbers screwed up. Think about if it toasts takes 4 minutes, and you see the brownness and the crispness and the results in the last 20 seconds. How many things have you done for 3 minutes and 45 seconds where you walked away from, and you didn’t stay with it those last 25 seconds to see the results? Most people, a lot.

So, my lesson to you is whenever you’re doing something, think of the long run. Don’t buy, “Oh, get rich quick.” Get rich slow and steady. Anyway, I want to wish you all the happiness in the world. I want to wish you the patience to do things and stay with things. If you think you have something good, stick with it. Stick with your gut. Don’t walk away at the last minute because right when you walk away, chances are something good is going to happen anyway. Have a fantastic—oh, if you liked the video, hit like. If you don’t like it, you can tell us too. Not a problem. It happens all the time. Leave your comments and hit the buzzer or the bell, and you’ll be notified when you get more YouTube— when we post more. Thank you and have a wonderful day. I really mean it. Have a wonderful day. Life is short. Enjoy every day, every moment because you never know. We’re all here unlimited time.”

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