In the video “Feedback from a Mortgage Broker on a 4-day closing” Jack, shares positive feedback about a 4-day closing in a YouTube video. He expresses his happiness in receiving praise from borrowers and fellow brokers:

There’s nothing that makes me happier than getting great feedback from a borrower or a mortgage broker on a job well done. I got this the other day and I want to take a second to read it to you. “You and the Gelt team were fantastic to work with and officially set my high score on the fastest closing of my career, with an exclamation point! I love that exclamation point. Thanks again, Jack, and I look forward to working together soon.” You know, fantastic! A mortgage broker posted that to, one of my LinkedIn posts that we had, and I just loved it. This was a deal that we, had a signed term sheet on a Monday. We closed it on a Friday, one subject property and a blanket of four other properties to get the borrower to 100 percent loan to value. Fantastic work by Gelt Financial. Thank you all, and remember, check us out at, like the video or YouTube or wherever you’re seeing this, for subscribe to more updates. And remember, “When your bank says no, we say yes.”

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