Gelt Financial helped an Auto Body Shop in St Louis, Missouri with credit challenges with a no-income qualification mortgage with a 3-year term.

“Hello, this is Jack Miller of Gelt Financial. I hope you’re having a good day. We’re having a good day here. Sometimes, everyone’s looking for a different deal or something that’s not average. Well, I’m here to tell you about an average deal that we just closed. Everyone can go on and tell you about these weird deals or spectacular deals, and I do that too—to be honest with you, I love that. But the truth is, most of our deals are fairly average. So, I want to tell you about one, we just closed the deal, I forgot the city. I know this sounds crazy, give me two seconds. You guys are gonna think I’m nuts, but whatever, we just closed the deal.
It was an auto body shop. Guy’s credit was not the best, and he did not make any real money, or he didn’t verify any real money, leases, tax returns. The property, by the way, was in St. Louis, Missouri. Missouri’s the show-me-state, home of Harry Truman. I believe we actually just closed the deal in Branson, Missouri, two weeks ago. Two deals in Missouri in two weeks, that’s crazy. But anyway, this guy, hard-working guy, owned an auto body shop, small mortgage on the property, a lot of equity. He tried every bank out there, no one would lend him money because of his credit, because of his income, because of the property touch. Trying a bunch of lenders, paid them, they lied to him, effectively took his money and ran.
We closed the deal, came to us through a mortgage broker. Check us out at Gelt Financial— Call us anytime at 561-221-0900 extension 238 and make up—have a great day. What can I tell you? How fantastic! They’ve done a great deal. You have a good day. By the way, I always forget, make sure you like us on and YouTube, subscribe to our channel, click the bell so you’re notified every time we post something. Thank you, have a great day.”

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