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Closed Bridge Mortgage on Multi Family

Closed $3,050,000.00 Bridge financing for a 28 unit apartment in Detroit. The sponsor will use the funds for additional investments as he continues to improve operations. The apartment building represents continued economic growth in the downtown area. When your bank says No, we say Yes, 561-221-0900 or www.Geltfinancial.com  

H. Jack Miller speak’s at Crittenden National Real Estate Conference

GFCIB and Advisors, LLC is pleased to have H. Jack Miller speak and take part in a panel discussion “Utilizing Bridge Capital in a Rising Real Estate Market” at the Crittenden National Real Estate Conference in San Diego on April 19, 2016. Also taking part in this were Brent Truscott, Bloomfield Capital, Brett Forman, Forman Capital, Alex Cohen, Liberty SBF and William Mitchell. Some of the topics talked about were utilizing bridge financing for non-distressed assets, thinking of bridge lending [...]