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Marcy: Hi.
Jack: Hello, it’s Marcy and Jack from Gelt Financial. Marcy, we just had a loan paid off today. It’s a little self-serving— they’re all self-serving promotions, nothing wrong with that.
Marcy: No, that’s it. I mean—
Jack: People say, “Well, short-term loans,” but this loan, let me get the date. We originated this loan July 10, 2007, and it just paid off yesterday, which was the 15th, 2022. That’s about 15 years.
Marcy: So we’ll let you stay if you want to.
Jack: Borrower paid perfectly. It was him and his partner. It was in, I think it was called Paulsboro, New Jersey. I think the loan was about for 250 grand. Paid perfect. He sold it, he made a lot of money, and he paid us off 15 years. So we’re short-term lenders. Hell no.
Marcy: Yes, we are, but we’ll let you stay at the party if you want to.
Jack: That’s exactly right. Remember when your bank says no, we say yes. Check us out at Gelt. Check us out at Have a great day.”

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