Gelt Financial Founder Jack Miller gives some of the great reviews and client testimonials that have come in over the last year of service from Gelt on all of their commercial mortgage products.

“Hi, this is Jack Miller. I’ve really been blessed in my life, and I’ve led this company, Gelt Financial, for almost 31 years now. It’s really been a joy and a pleasure. I’ve gotten to work with the best team, or some of the best people in the industry, tens of thousands of unbelievable customers we’ve helped over the past 30 years, and unbelievable vendors. I wanted to read some of the quotes we get there on the website, but I feel like I should read them. I really get excited every time we get them, and we almost get a good quote almost every day of the week, probably sometimes two and three good, nice emails that people send us every week. So it really—I’m sorry, every day—it merely makes me feel good. So I’m just gonna read something for you. You have better things than to listen to me read, but what the heck. So anyway, one guy writes, “Thanks for all your hard work.” He was a mortgage broker. Another guy writes, “You guys are awesome. By the way, I’m not reading the ones about me because I’m a little bit shy, believe it or not.” Someone else writes, “You have been all stars. Thanks.” Another one, “I just gave your information to my co-workers, would love to work with you again.” Often, another one, “Marcy, miss you too. I am forwarding to everyone here so they know what you can do. You are great to work with. I let a loan officer from here know that you’re the best mortgage company in the New Jersey area. Love to do business with you. Everything is great. Why are you guys are great? Thanks again. Perfect. Marcy, you’re always saving my day. So grateful for all the remarkable fast progress you guys make. Awesome. You guys rocked. I love that video. Thankful I worked with you, and I’m looking forward to doing more deals with you, Marcy. Thank you for all your hard work.” Again, here’s another one. I—this one, I’ll mention my name, Jack. This guy actually posted on my LinkedIn page. I don’t—I haven’t heard from the guy in about 17 years, but here’s what he wrote, and he just wrote it a couple of months ago out of the blue. He goes, “Jack did a loan for me nearly 17 years ago. I had an outstanding deal, but was on my way but was way short one cache and new to the game. He took a chance with me, and on my second deal, I’ve done approximately 60 deals since then. A great guy and a great lender. That’s the only one about me, but you get the idea. These are tons of these. We literally have accumulated thousands of these over the years, and we’ve published a bunch on our website. So for those of you who write them, I want you to know that I read every one, and each one really brings joy to my heart and makes the day worth living because of all the hard work we do. And it’s, by the way, not me who gets credit for this. It’s our wonderful team. So keep the quotes coming. We listen to it. And, by the way, sometimes people are critical too, and we learn from those mistakes. We are human, and we make mistakes, and sometimes, yes, we drop the ball. I know a lot of people don’t want to admit it today, but we do. So every time we do something, we learn from it. But thank you, and check us out online at That’s Have a great day.”

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